A full-service travel company specializing in upscale corporate and leisure trips, Smart Flyer is one of the best operators in the business and has all the expertise, resources, and passion to make your travel dreams come true. Setting the standards and raising the bar for high end luxury and business travel, Smart Flyer is an elite operator, getting you and your fellow travelers access to all the best events, seats at the finest restaurants, rooms at the classiest hotels, and magical memories that other trips and travel companies simply cannot hope to provide.

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With extensive insider knowledge and a vast network of contacts with leading hotels and travel locations all over the globe, Smart Flyer is able to provide VIP care for every traveler, with all sorts of perks including upgrades, meals, priority access, credit, and more. What's more Smart Flyer will also work closely with you and learn all about your needs and desires in order to tailor make a bespoke travel package and itinerary that's just right for you, complete with customized experiences and plans to ensure that your trip is truly one of a kind. With an exceptional team of experienced agents and advisors all around the globe all standing by, ready and able to bring your travel fantasies to life, Smart Flyer really is the best way to enjoy high end travel.

The Smart Flyer Difference

Smart Flyer got started back in 1990 by Michael Holtz, a leading travel expert who dreamed of a service that could provide high-end travelers with better experiences to suit their needs and desires. Holtz's vision included a team of trendsetting travel experts, a vast network of contacts in all the right locations, an extensive, company-wide knowledge and understanding of all the intricacies and aspects of luxury travel locations all over the globe, and a whole host of unique benefits to make every traveler feel like a VIP. It was an extremely ambitious undertaking, but Holtz's dream came to life in the form of Smart Flyer.

Now one of the leading luxury travel operators on the planet, Smart Flyer can boast of an unparalleled series of successes and some of the world's leading agents and experts among its ranks. These people know travel better than anyone else. They know the world of luxury travel so well that they can actually predict the trends and discover the up-and-coming locations and landmarks before anyone else, letting you be among the first to enjoy exclusive destinations and experiences before the magazines and media start writing about them.

Smart Flyer works with its clients to create customized travel packages, solving problems and thinking up solutions time and again, ensuring that every trip is planned to perfect from the first second to the last. Every travel itinerary reserved with Smart Flyer is fully customized to fit to the needs of each individual traveler, and absolutely everything is taken into account, from your preferred seat on a plane to any particular dietary requirements you might have or the kinds of activities you hope to enjoy during your adventure. No matter what you need, Smart Flyer can make it happen and will do so in a seamless, stress-free fashion, ensuring you're already feeling totally relaxed before you even set off.

Plan a Luxury Corporate or Leisure Trip with Smart Flyer

If you're interested in working with Smart Flyer to plan your dream leisure or corporate vacation, the process really couldn't be any simpler. All you have to do to get started is provide Smart Flyer with some basic information about your ideal voyage. You'll be asked to provide contact information so that a member of the Smart Flyer team can get in touch with you and start discussing the finer details of your trip. In the meantime, all you need to provide is a list of destinations you'd like to visit, the approximate dates of your trip, the number of guests, and an estimated budget.

You can provide additional information if needed and even select a particular agent to handle your travel plans if you've booked with Smart Flyer before and want to work with the same agent or have simply found an agent's profile that matches up with your own style and sensibilities. From there, it's simply a matter of waiting to hear back from Smart Flyer and then communicating with your agent in order to organize the individual aspects of your travel plan and fine tune each detail to make it perfect in every possible way. website