The Amazon rainforest is one of the most extraordinary places on Earth. Home to an astonishing amount of biodiversity, it’s a place where new species are actually still being discovered by scientists and researchers, with many plants and fruits in particular constantly being analyzed and evaluated for potential medicinal and health benefits.

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Acai is a perfect example. One of the hundreds of fruits found in the Amazon, acai is a small purple berry, not dissimilar to a blueberry in terms of its size and appearance. A delicious, juicy treat that has been beloved by natives for generations, the acai fruit has only recently made its way to other countries, and experts have been blown away by the power of these little berries.

Acai are packed with antioxidants and healthy omega fatty acids. The pulp of acai is exceptionally rich in polyphenols and flavonoids, having beneficial properties similar to those found in red wine, but without the damaging alcohol content. For centuries, the wonderful nutrients of acai were reserved for those in the Amazon, but thanks to Sambazon, you can enjoy acai too.

Sambazon - Sustainable Acai Products

Sambazon is a top brand working out of the Amazon to bring acai to the masses who haven’t had easy access to this amazing fruit in the past. Letting individuals enjoy these great berries at home and restaurants, cafes, and smoothie bars serve them to their customers too, Sambazon is making acai more accessible for all.

- Organic - Sambazon is the only certified organic and Fair-Trade provider of acai. The acai berries and pulp used in the products sold by this company are totally natural and grown from the nutrient-rich soils of the Amazon itself. Powered by the waters of the mighty river and grown in some of the most pristine and sacred wilderness on the planet, these fruits are packed with pure nutrients, rather than GMOs, fertilizers, pesticides, and all the other harmful ingredients you’d find in non-organic alternatives.

- Fair Trade - Sambazon is also fully Fair Trade, meaning that all workers involved in the growth and cultivation of the acai and the preparation of the Sambazon acai products are given fair wages and the possibilities they need to enjoy happy, healthy lives. Through the Fair Trade system, Sambazon is setting a great example and helping its workers, their families, and their local communities to aim higher and enjoy more comforts and conveniences in their daily lives.

- Incredible Health Benefits - As previously mentioned, acai is packed with nutrients like antioxidants and polyphenols. We hear a lot of talk about superfoods nowadays, but acai really does live up to that amazing title. Despite being such a small and simple looking berry on the outside, acai is filled to bursting point with elements and ingredients that can offer a lot of health benefits including battling the signs of ageing, promoting healthy digestion, reducing the risk of various diseases, and much more.

- Delicious and Versatile - Acai isn’t just a very healthy fruit, it’s also exceptionally tasty. Despite being naturally sugar free, acai has just the right amount of sweetness and unique flavor to put a smile on the face of people of all ages. Not only that, but it also matches perfectly with lots of other fruits and superfoods. Acai is typically enjoyed in smoothies or fruit bowls, mixed up with the likes of healthy yogurt, granola, and other ingredients to create nutrient-packed bowls of delicious goodness.

- Variety - Sambazon is very experienced at working with acai and getting the most out of those little berries, so this brand can offer a truly amazing product line-up. You'll find everything here from frozen superfruit packs to blend up in your smootihes to fresh acai berry juice bottles, energy drinks, and even frozen sorbet to serve as dessert. The 'Superfruit Acai Bites' are also particularly popular, featuring a bar of frozen acai sorbet dipped in quality dark chocolate. With low calorie and sugar counts in every bite, but high amounts of healthy nutrients, these products are the perfect alternatives to sodas, ice creams, candy, and other unhealthy options.

Sambazon is giving the world an amazing gift, providing a true superfood to the widest possible audience and helping as many people as possible enjoy delicious snacks and amazing health benefits.

The power of acai is clear to see, with its incredible antioxidants, omegas, and polyphenols offering some truly mind-blowing advantages for the body, and it’s also exceptionally delicious, especially when paired up with other great fruits and flavors in smoothies and bowls.

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