We’d all love to be able to enjoy home cooked meals each and every day. Fresh food, prepared with love and care from quality ingredients, always tastes infinitely nicer than pre-packaged meals and frozen foods. Home cooked meals are often much better for us too, with the benefits of fresh ingredients helping to provide us with more vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other essential nutrients.

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We all feel content and fulfilled after a great home-made meal, but enjoying these kinds of meals on a regular basis can be a big challenge, especially in today’s world. Modern lifestyles are often very busy, with our jobs, our families, our social lives, our hobbies, and other responsibilities all taking up big chunks of our days, so where can we find the time to buy fresh food, find great recipes, and cook up great dishes just for us? With Real Plans, it’s possible.

Real Plans - Customized Meal Plan App and Meal Planning Software

Real Plans offer a meal planning app and software catered to you and your family. Designed to help you save time and actually start cooking home-made dishes much more often, this app can truly be a life-changer. It gives you the tools and resources you need to enjoy the benefits of home-cooking on a daily basis, and can give you something delicious to look forward to every single day. Here’s how it works and what it can do for you:

- Customized - A big part of what makes Real Plans special is how much customization it has to offer. There are plenty of meal planners out there, but few off this incredible level of personalization. We’re all different, with our own tastes and preferences, as well as allergies and dietary limitations, and the folks behind Real Plans understand that. That’s why they’ve added so many different filters and options to their meal planning app, letting you customize and adapt the service to meet your needs.

- Flexible - Continuing the theme of personalization, Real Plans meal planning app and software is immensely flexible, able to work for people of all dietary plans and needs all over the world. Maybe you're vegetarian or following a gluten-free diet, perhaps you want to stick to the rules of Paleo or Keto, or maybe you're cutting down on dairy or just don't like mushrooms. The app caters to almost every single diet type imaginable and has all the options you need to find meals that work for you, with options to swap different recipes in and out of your changing weekly plans whenever you like.

- Delicious - The meals featured on the Real Plans app and software are real recipes being used and loved all over the world. Designed with nutrition and deliciousness in mind, you'll find over 1,600 different recipes through Real Plans, so there's always a lot of variety and so many great new flavors waiting to be enjoyed, and each meal is rated by users too, so you can get an idea for how tasty each option is and whether or not you and your family will love it before giving it a try.

- Healthy - A big part of the philosophy that went into the founding and development of Real Plans was the idea that people deserve to eat healthily, even when their own schedules and lifestyles can make it seem hard to find the time. Healthy eating should never feel like an impossible challenge, and with Real Plans, it’s so simple. All of the recipes are made with fresh, seasonal ingredients, letting you and your family enjoy more natural produce and lots of essential nutrients in your daily diets without having to make any compromises.

- Shopping Made Easy - Real Plans doesn't just stop at recipes. It offers additional features to make the whole process of healthy cooking a lot easier. Part of the problem that prevents many people from pursuing healthy eating and home cooked meals is having to visit the grocery store, note down all the different ingredients needed, and then search all around for them. Real Plans comes with shopping list features that let you get all the ingredients you need for your chosen recipes written down in a flash, even offering the option to add them to your online shopping orders for home delivery with your chosen supermarket too.

- So Many Features - As well as the recipes and shopping list features, Real Plans meal planning app includes a lot of extra features designed to enhance and improve your weekly meal planning. You can import and adjust recipes, you can change serving sizes, you can speak with food experts via the live chat customer support system, you can see all nutritional info for the meals you're eating, and so much more. Truly, this meal planning app is one of the best available, packed full of features and functionality to make meal planning easier than ever before.

Real Plans is designed for real people who want to eat and enjoy real food every day. Saving you so much time and making meal planning infinitely more manageable and simpler, the Real Plans meal planner app and software can let you enjoy amazing meals on a much more regular basis.

What's more, you can give it a try for free by signing up for the 14-day trial. With this two-week period, you'll see how much Real Plans can change your life, making grocery shopping easier, giving you access to an amazing cookbook of delicious recipes, and providing all the help you need to cook and eat great food every day. website