Technology can help us in so many ways, and it’s changing the world for the better, each and every day. The influence of modern innovations and inventions can be seen in almost every aspect of our lives, enhancing and improving the way we live, and companies like PKVitality are leading the way. A leading bio-wearable company with decades of electronics and scientific experience, PKVitality creates wearable tech designed with health and fitness in mind.

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The K’Watch Glucose from PKVitality

Diabetes affects hundreds of millions of people worldwide, and it can be a debilitating condition to live with, but the K’Watch Glucose from PKVitality is helping to change all of that.

- Overview - The K’Watch Glucose is a smartwatch that offers Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM). One of the world's most efficient CGM devices, the K’Watch Glucose is able to keep track of your glucose level at any time of day or night. A simple glance down at your wrist is enough to tell you exactly how high or low your sugar levels are getting, and the K’Watch Glucose also stores this data, presenting graphs and trends to help the wearer develop a stronger level of understanding and control in their glucose levels.

- Simplicity - As the name implies, the K’Watch Glucose is quite literally just a simple watch, letting you check glucose levels merely by looking at your wrist, without any need for applicators or additional equipment. This is ideal if you are planning a weekend getaway, romantic getaway or a longer vacation.

- Discreet - A stylish and attractive piece of wearable technology, the K’Watch Glucose discreetly provides the user with important health information.

- No More Blood Tests - With the K’Watch Glucose, you don't have to worry about using lancets, strips, or piercing your finger to check your blood sugar levels; it's pain free, stress free, and simple.

- Alerts - The K’Watch Glucose also provides discreet, vibrating alerts when your sugar levels are getting too high or low. This is perfect for busy people who don't have time to be checking the watch constantly throughout the day, and you can program the alerts to fit your lifestyle, even configuring the K’Watch Glucose to send alerts to family and friends.

- Powerful Tech - The K’Watch Glucose is equipped with a disposable 'K'apsul', which makes use of powerful SkinTaste technology and biosensors to measure the glucose levels of the wearer painlessly and simply. The K'apsul remains in place with a comfortable, hypoallergenic patch which can be swapped out each week.

- Connectivity - The K’Watch Glucose also works as a fitness tracker, connecting with iOS and Android apps to provide you with information on steps taken, distance walked, and calories burned throughout the day, giving you all the benefits of a fitness tracker and a GCM device in one simple package.

The K'Watch Athlete from PKVitality

The K'Watch Athlete is the second super smartwatch being developed by the team at PKVitality.

- Overview - The K'Watch Athlete is a lactate monitoring smartwatch that allows the wearer to keep track of their lactate levels in real time, simply by looking down at their wrists and not needing any extra equipment or painful finger pricking. It's the world's first real-time lactate monitor, aimed at athletes, trainers, and others.

- A Simple Wearable - The K'Watch Athlete is a simple wearabe smartwatch, worn around the wrist or further up the arm, comfortable fitting around the skin and testing for lactate levels to provide real time data.

- The Importance of Lactate - Lactic acid is produced by the muscles when they start to get pushed to their limits, and an athlete's 'lactate threshold' helps them develop smarter training schedules and recovery regimes to boost their performance. The K'Watch Athlete can help with this.

- Getting Better - As you train and improve your body, your lactate threshold changes. The K'Watch Athlete helps you identify the threshold and monitor its development, effectively learning about your own physical limits and gradually pushing them further to make the most of every single second of training.

- Precise - Traditional lactic acid tests involve pricking the finger to check the blood directly. It's a painful procedure and it can't really be done in the middle of a workout or training session, so the accuracy of the results isn't too reliable. The K'Watch Athlete is much more precise, offering real-time info on your lactate levels.

- All Sports - The K'Watch Athlete can apply to athletes across all disciplines and all abilities. Whether you're a long distance runner trying to set a new personal best or a HIIT trainer pushing your students to their limits, this watch can provide data you need to improve.

- Totally Painless - The K'Watch Athlete comes with K'apsul, the same technology seen in the K'Watch Glucose. It makes use of state of the art biosensors that can detect lactate levels without the need to prick the skin and draw blood. Totally painless, the K'apsul takes measurements during your workouts and can store up to 30 days of data for you to analyze via the accompanying iOS or Android app. website