Photofairs are 'International Art Fairs Dedicated to Photography'. These large-scale fairs aim to bring photography to the widest possible audience, sharing eclectic, thought-provoking works from artists and photographers of all ages and experiences.

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To inspire, excite, and move all observers in their own unique ways, Photofairs is offering some of the best photography exhibition experiences anywhere on Earth, with new events being scheduled on an annual basis and the fairs becoming larger and more popular from one year to the next.

Choosing cutting-edge locations for curators and collectors to admire and explore each image in a peaceful, harmonious setting, Photofairs is leading the way in the photography art fair field, as well as running VIP and non-profit public programs too.

Upcoming Photofairs Events

If you'd like to participate or attend a Photofairs event, there are two upcoming exhibitions to be aware of. Each of these events will provide curators and collectors with unmissable opportunities to see and experience some of the finest examples of photography from leading artists and galleries all around the world, brought together in two major locations: Shanghai and San Francisco.

Photofairs Shanghai will be held on September 20-22 of 2019 at the Shanghai Exhibition Center. This will be the fifth time that Photofairs has held an event in Shanghai, with the coastal Chinese city offering a lively, vibrant location with a rich photographic history. Shanghai has been a highly artistic location for many generations, attracting artists of many different backgrounds from all four corners of the globe, and Photofairs Shanghai events pay homage to the city's incredible culture and history in the perfect way.

In 2020, Photofairs will be holding an exhibition in the stunning California coastal city of San Francisco. This will be the third time that Photofairs has held one of its international photography art fairs in the Californian city. A leading light in every form of creative expression for many decades, San Francisco's unique charm and artistic heritage will provide the perfect backdrop for the spring 2020 edition of Photofairs. The event will be held in as yet undisclosed downtown location, right in the heart of the Golden Gate City.

Why Should You Visit Photofairs?

There are many different art fairs held all over the world, and collectors only have so much time to spend visiting and exploring these fairs in search of new pieces, so what makes Photofairs different? The short answer is that Photofairs excels in every domain, bringing together a world class selection of images and artists from many different countries and carefully crafting a bespoke experience that can work perfectly for every guest.

With hand-picked galleries and artists featuring in each fair, you'll be seeing only the finest pieces every time. The additional VIP and public programs enhance the experience further, and the perfectly-chosen locations like Shanghai and San Francisco really help to bring the art to life. Photofairs events can also include talks from leading experts and artists, helping to educate and inspire every attendee while also launching thought-provoking debates and discussions on the nature of photography and how it connects and relates with other forms of art.

The beauty of every photograph ever taken is that it is entirely unique; a perfectly preserved moment in time and space that can never be relived or recreated. Each and every photo tells a story and can mean so much to each individual observer. Photofairs understands and appreciates this core tenet of photography, giving each and every piece of work the care and attention it richly deserves, allowing curators and collectors to fully focus on the art, without distractions or interruptions.

How Do Photofairs Events Work?

At a standard Photofairs art fair, like those set to take place in Shanghai and San Francisco in 2019 and 2020, respectively, collectors will be able to admire pieces in two distinct sectors: Main and Platform. The 'Main' sector features the major players in the photography world; this is where you'll be able to admire pieces from leading artists and galleries from all around the world. A full international body of respected artists is on display in the Main sector.

The 'Platform' sector, meanwhile, is more of an open space, showing work from galleries that haven't participated in art fairs before. This is a space for discovery and adventure, with new works and new talents just waiting to be uncovered and never-before-seen photographs and pieces of art waiting to be admired and appreciated. This is the sector to visit if you’re looking to unearth a new gem or find a fresh, unique piece before anyone else. website