Brooklyn Ever peered into the windows of a top-class bakery and admiring the amazing cakes, chocolates, and pastries on display, wishing you could somehow do the same? Perhaps you're already a trained chef or pastry expert but want to hone your techniques and improve your culinary creations? Either way, the gourmet pastry classes offered by L'Ecole Valrhona Brooklyn can help out and make your dreams come true.

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Pasty and Chocolate Classes in Brooklyn with L’Ecole Valrhona

Valrhona has been one of the world's leading chocolate producers for almost a century now, having been established in a little French village way back in 1922. With an ever-present passion for creating only the finest chocolates and chocolate-based delicacies, Valrhona has set itself apart as a pioneering brand in the worlds of pastry and chocolate, and decided to launch the 'L'Ecole Valrhona' chocolate and pasty school back in 1989.

Ever since then, for three decades now, L'Ecole Valrhona has been helping people around the world learn key skills associated with chocolates, cakes, pastries, bonbons, and other sweet treats. In 2014, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of L'Ecole Valrhona, the first ever United States chocolate school location was opened up in Brooklyn, New York, and that's where you can enjoy some of the best chocolate and pasty classes with leading chefs at one of the world's most trusted gastronomic brands.

Why Choose Chocolate and Pastry Classes in Brooklyn with L'Ecole Valrhona?

Signing up for a pastry class with L'Ecole Valrhona can appeal to a wide range of people. Almost everyone on the planet can appreciate the wonder and delight of well-made chocolates and other sweet treats, and even if you don't happen to have a sweet tooth, learning new culinary skills as ways to impress your friends or further your career is never a bad idea.

These pastry classes in Brooklyn can appeal to both casual non-professionals and pros alike, with each class being run by a leading chef in their respective field. Examples include Chef Daniel Keehner, the Executive Pastry Chef at Underwest Donuts, or Chef Santosh Tiptur, esteemed chocolatier and owner of 'The Conche' restaurant and dessert kitchen in Leesburg, VA.

The benefits of observing and training alongside such prestigious chefs cannot be understated, and the various classes are held on different dates throughout the year on a wide variety of culinary subjects from donuts to chocolate domes and cake decoration, ensuring that there's always something for everyone and something new to look forward to in the future.

Whether you live in Brooklyn or are visiting New York City on vacation, this is a wonderful activity to try out and a great way to make some magical memories either by yourself or with friends or family members. Each class will feature small groups and hands-on activities to let you truly put the things you're learning into practice and acquire new skills to try out at home.

You'll develop a whole new level of love and appreciation for the amazing work that goes into the creation of a single chocolate or cake and will definitely want to start cooking more in your own life when you see these amazing chefs at work.

Pastry Classes in Brooklyn

So what kinds of classes can you hope to enjoy if you choose to sign up and visit L'Ecole Valrhona's pastry school in Brooklyn? Let's take a closer look at some examples of the NYC chocolate-making classes you might like to attend.

Choux Pastry: Profiteroles, Eclairs and More!

The 'Choux Pastry: Profiteroles, Eclairs and More!' classes will take place with Chef Tyler Atwell, who is the Executive Pastry Chef at the prestigious Lafayette Grand Cafe and Bakery of NYC itself. Chef Atwell will introduce you to the intricacies and techniques that go into making choux pastry and creating the perfect little bubble that is both crunchy on the outside and light in the center, perfect for use as profiteroles, eclairs, and other delights.

Chef Atwell will demonstrate his own expertise in making a variety of traditional French desserts along the way, with this 12-person-maximum class also letting you and your fellow budding chefs try your hand at making some choux pastry and improve your techniques to use at home. By the end of the class, you'll be a master of choux and will also be able to take home an exclusive recipe book and Valrhona apron. The cost of this class is just $149 and the class runs for three hours in total.

Doughtnut Masterclass

The 'Doughtnut Masterclass' pastry class in Brooklyn with L'Ecole Valrhona will be held and led by Chef Daniel Keehner, who is both a partner and the Executive Pastry Chef with Underwest Donuts. Everyone adores donuts, with these circular sweet treats famously coming in a variety of styles, colors, and forms. You might be able to make donuts at home already, but you'll be blown away by the advanced techniques Chef Keehner is able to provide.

Having worked with donuts for years and established himself as one of the leading donut makers in the business, Chef Keehner can help you make the ideal batter mix that will remain soft and fluffy after cooking, as well as showing you some astonishing glazing and decoration techniques to create donuts that wouldn't look out of place in a bakery window and will leave your friends and family hungry for more. This class is limited to a maximum of 12 students and costs just $109 for two and a half hours of instruction. website