When it comes to hosting the perfect event, it all starts with the perfect invitation. That means having one that’s made especially for that specific event. And whether you’re organizing a simple dinner party, some corporate event, a wedding, or a special occasion, you need an effective way of keeping track of who you’re inviting and who’s coming. These invites are also needed to help you inform guests of any changes.

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Back then, people who wanted to make invitations online would have to go to Evite.com, which was no doubt a groundbreaking website that eventually led to the sending of more than 2 billion invites and counting. Their designs are getting old, though. Thankfully, new sites are coming out of the woodwork.

Today, the best online invitations can be made stylish and exactly in the way you want, all thanks to a wide selection of event management tools that will help you do everything to ensure that your event is a success: guest list organization, fast communication with guests, gift registries, ticket sales, and donations. These sites will also help you create the designs you like from scratch.

Here are some sites you can look into.

Paperless Post

If there’s one site you should look at, it’s Paperless post. With its wide collection of classy and sophisticated designs for all kinds of events, you simply can’t go wrong with making your invites here. You’ll get to collaborate with designers like Oscar de la Renta and kate Spade New York, which means that you’ll be seeing lots of beautiful modern designs to choose from, no matter what event you have in mind. The envelopes as well as the card’s interiors are equally well designed.

On top of the many free designs available, there are a couple of interesting features as well. You can include a Google Maps link, a gift registry, a comment wall, and even a poll to help better communicate with your guests. You’re also able to set a limit on the number of guests who will be going by setting a maximum capacity on the invites. If you want, you can upload your own designs as well.

For a price, all the invites you design can be printed with envelopes and sent to you. These are already addressed and proofed, free of charge! The site also offers premium designs that you can get if you have the budget for it.


For low-key but incredibly cheerful designs for casual events, then Pingg is a website worth looking into. This site features designs made by independent artists with their works organized by category, making it easier for you to browse. The invites are designed for all kinds of events, from the typical birthdays to the casual BBQs and pool parties. You can also upload your own designs.

There’s also a feature that lets you choose the items you think guests should bring. The list is like a sign-up sheet, so it’s great for potlucks and such. Third party events that could use some donations or cash gifts can also use the site to sell tickets or get donations. The site is free, although the invites would have an ad, which shouldn’t be a big deal for the casual events. If you want you invites to be ad free, you can pay $10 per event, which would also give you access to premium designs.

You can send invites to up to 75 guests for free, and they come with automatic reminders for them to RSVP. You’ll also be able to send updates to guests. The site doesn’t have a paper option, unfortunately, but that won’t be an issue if you’re just sending informal invitations.


This one’s great for all those kiddy parties. Punchbowl is a site that prioritizes functionality in order to help people organize potlucks and similar events. Its invitations come with pencil-drawn and hand-painted designs, which are perfect for children’s parties. There are also cartoon character cards like Elsa, Spiderman, Hello Kitty, and more. Plus, the design’s font can be changed and you can edit the text of the invite to suit your taste. The same thing can be done for the envelope and the rubber stamp. Custom designs are a bit limited though, since you can only upload your own photos with a few of them.

You can also arrange the guests into groups and send automatic reminders for them to RSVP, which you’ll be able to track via the website. You’ll also get to communicate with them through the platform. You can send up to 100 invites for free, but just like Pingg, there’s no paper option. Note that the invites come with ads as well, but won’t be a big issue for most cases.

Some features that you might find useful are limited to paying members, though. The membership is worth $4.99 per month and you’ll be able to do other things such as create polls or set up recurring events.


Hosting or arranging a huge event? Greenvelope is the site that lets you make thoughtful and handwritten invites with designs that feature hand-drawn details, watercolor marks, and an overall minimalist design. There are also a lot of templates that are made especially for romantic events and weddings. You’ll also be able to find designs for save-the-dates and post event thank-yous.

The site is quite easy to navigate. It has a dashboard that lets you track RSVPs and customize your invites with gift registries, surveys, ticket selling, and donations. A lot of other features that are geared towards weddings and similar large events are available as well, such as the option to let guests enter the names of their plus-ones, send invites by groups, and more.

Other features include being able to write a description, time, and even a Google Maps link of the event. Although the site allows for multi-event agendas, there’s no function that would allow guests to respond separately.

Perhaps the downside is that you can only send up to 10 guests for free in trial mode. So you might have to pay up if you’re going to choose this site. But you might be interested to know that Greenvelope makes donations to Mountains of Sound, which is a nonprofit that helps maintains forests.

Minted Card Editor

This one is primarily meant for weddings. The site’s designs are sourced from many independent artists and are all printed on fancy cotton paper. You can pick a design for the card, post details of the event, add a gift registry, and track those RSVPs. One interesting fact about the site’s designs is that they come from the winners of competitions that have been organized by Minted.

You can choose from any of these designs and have it customized to add your wedding details. You can also have it printed to come with addressed envelopes (you do your own mailing).

There are definitely a lot of great websites for online invites, but these ones are your go-tos if you want something specific.