We all need a comfortable, welcoming space to retreat to at the end of the day. Our homes mean so much to us, offering intimacy, privacy, security, and an escape from the outside world. These are the places where we rest and relax, where we make happy memories with our friends and families, and where we feel free to be ourselves, expressing our own personalities and enjoying our own spaces and comforts.

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In order to really make our homes feel as comfortable, cozy, and enjoyable to live in as possible, we decorate and furnish them with items we love, and there are more options than ever before for anyone in need of sofas, beds, chairs, coffee tables, lamps, rugs, storage solutions, mirrors, clocks, and more, with countless great brands and designers making amazing items that are just right for your home. You can find them all at Nest.

Nest - Modern Furniture and Designer Living

Next can swiftly become your go-to source for world class design and furniture at great prices. This company sells modern, timeless, high quality design, furniture, art, and décor items from the best brands around, specializing in innovative pieces made with fine materials. Whether you’re looking for lamps, clocks, kitchen accessories, bed frames, desks, or something else altogether, you’ll find it at Nest.

Nest began in 2002, founded by Christian Hawley. After spending a year exploring the world and witnessing the inspiring beauty of contemporary furniture and modern design in different countries across the globe, Hawley decided to use his own design expertise and technological background to create an online destination for modern design and furniture. Since then, Nest has grown into one of the leading names for iconic interiors worldwide.

- The Best Brands - When shopping with Nest for any kind of design items or furniture, you’ll find only the best brands and most innovative designers. Names like HAY, Knoll, Alvar Aalto, Paul Henningsen, Vitra, Tom Dixon, Fritz Hansen, and George Nelson feature on the star-studded Nest line-up, making this one of the best sites to choose for high quality items from names you can trust, and Nest is always on the lookout for emerging brands and out-of-the-box designers to add to its catalog.

- High Quality Design and Décor - For high quality design, décor, art, furniture, and related accessories, there really is no better place to shop. No matter kinds of items you’re looking for, you can find them here, and Nest specializes in curating a collection of products that all feature modern and contemporary elements, able to fit into a wide range of room themes and décor styles like contemporary, industrial, Nordic, and more.

- Expert Advice - Many people dream of having a beautiful home but struggle to choose the right items to achieve the look they crave. Nest has a dedicated team of design specialists ready to help out and a huge list of guides for you to read through and help you choose the perfect products. As a small, independent brand, Nest really takes the time to connect with its customers and offer expert assistance and friendly support whenever you need it.

- Authentic Products - When shopping for designer goods online, you always need to be careful when it comes to authenticity. Fortunately, Nest guarantees that every single one of its items is entirely genuine, designed branded, and authentic, making this one of the best places to shop for furniture, décor, and accessories from the likes of likes of Andersen Furniture, HAY, Resident, Petite Friture, Gubi, Herman Miller, Tom Dixon, Skandinavisk, and Fabula Living.

- A Dedicated Team - As a smaller brand, Nest is able to offer more care, dedication, and passion that big brand corporate alternatives. Whenever you deal with this company, you'll be dealing with real people who value every customer and are always eager to help out. The Nest team love design and décor and want to transmit that love in all the best ways to their customers.

- Global Deliveries and Flawless Service - Nest started in the UK but has grown over the years to become a global leader for online design and décor sales. You can shop with Nest from all over the globe, with the company offering delivery to more than 100 different countries and a dedication to getting your products shipped out speedily, efficiently, and securely every time.

- Great Prices - Shopping for designer furniture can often involve some big price tags, with these kinds of items typically reserved for those with big budgets. At Nest, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the affordable prices on offer and the great range of prices in every category. Nest also keeps shipping fees low and runs regular sales and promotions throughout the year, giving you more ways to save. website