Travel can be both enriching and essential. It can broaden one's horizons, bring people together, and open countless doors in both the personal and professional world. Whether you're a busy commuter frequently flying from state to state for business purposes or a seasoned traveler jetting off to visit family and friends or see more of the world, air travel is a wonderful advantage of modern life and has a long list of benefits, but it also has some drawbacks.

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Anyone who has to fly often will know that flights can be long, tedious, and immensely tiring. All of that travel and waiting around can take both a physical and mental toll on a person, especially when you're sitting for hours on end in a single place, be it on a plane or in an airport waiting for your next flight. Millions of people use airports every single day, but few can truthfully say they enjoy spending time in these locations. Airports are immensely crowded, noisy, and even oppressive.

All of those people rushing around and all of that constant sound is almost too much to handle for many frequent flyers, but they put up with it because there has never been an alternative, until now. However, slowly but surely, Minute Suites is changing the game. What started off as a simple idea for a dark, quiet place for travelers to feel at peace in busy airports has grown into an incredible real-world wellness solution. Minute Suites, which currently has locations in several airports around the United States and plans to expand further in the years to come, offers small, cozy areas for you to escape from the busy concourses and crazy crowds of the average airport.

What is Minute Suites?

Minute Suites is a company that got started back in 2007 with the idea of creating a wellness solution for commuters and travelers in airports. The team behind Minute Suites recognized a real problem with airports: these locations are immensely noisy and stressful. Unfortunately, many workers are forced to spend long periods of time in these environments for work purposes, while other frequent flyers can also suffer from stress and fatigue brought on by sitting around surrounded by so much hustle and bustle.

The team at Minute Suites saw this problem and wanted to solve it. They came up with the idea of creating small spaces (hence the name, Minute Suites) in airports where people could get away from the crowds and be at peace, free to nap, relax, work, read, or engage in any other activity in their own personal area. It took a couple of years for the project to get off the ground, but in 2009, the first Minute Suites location opened its doors in the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta.

Created by leading architects and designers, these small, simple spaces offer peaceful areas for total comfort and relaxation, even making use of binaural beat audio technology as a sleeping aid for people who wish to use their Minute Suites space to nap and rest while waiting for a connecting flight. From there, Minute Suites grew and grew. A second location was opened in Philadelphia International Airport in 2011, with more locations added in the years that have followed and plans for additional expansion in the future.

Where Can You Find Minute Suites?

Right now, Minute Suites has six separate locations in four separate airports and there are plans for the company to continue adding more locations in the months and years to come. You can find Minute Suites in the following locations:

- Concourse B, Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, Atlanta

- Concourse T, Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, Atlanta

- Atrium, Douglas International Airport, Charlotte

- Terminal A, Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, Texas

- Terminal D, Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, Texas

- Philadelphia International Airport

Each Minute Suites location is unique, but they all feature the same basic services and options, with each one offering small, dark, cozy spaces for travelers to rest, recuperate, and relax. Each of the suites was built with eco-friendly, recyclable materials and guests have been consistently impressed and fully satisfied with their stays. Suites are equipped with beds, comfortable pillows, and blankets, as well as TVs, audio programs to help with sleep, internet access, and more. For travelers looking for an escape from the chaos that typifies most airports, there really is no better option than Minute Suites.

Booking with Minute Suites

The booking process with Minute Suites couldn't be simpler and the company is fully flexible to cater to every individual's needs and requirements. Minute Suites understands that every travel plan is different and not everyone will need to use the suites for too long. This is why you can actually reserve your suite for just an hour, with prices starting at $42. You can also pay for two hours at $84, and any extension to your stay will be charged in 15-minute increments.

You can also simply choose to stay overnight for $155, or if you simply want to stop by and take a quick shower to freshen up, this can be arranged at participating Minute Suites locations for the low cost of just $30. You can book in advance using the official Minute Suites website or app to be sure of a comfortable place to rest your head whenever you arrive at your chosen airport. website