Massage Envy is a popular wellness franchise offering a wide array of massage and skin care services. Founded back in 2002, Massage Envy swiftly developed into a nationally recognizable name, leading the way in the field of massage and reaching a point where it now has franchised locations in 49 different states and employs 25,000 staff members including massage therapists and experts, as well as estheticians. 1,200 locations of Massage Envy can be found all around the nation and a location has even been opened up overseas in Australia, helping Massage Envy to expand its reach further and offer its services on an international scale.

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Founded on respectable principles that everyone can support and admire, Massage Envy is all about people. This company has a strong belief in the genuine power of massage and skin care, helping people understand that these services shouldn’t be classed as luxuries, but necessities. Just like brushing one's teeth or washing one's face, getting massages and looking after our skin and bodies should be a regular part of our routines due to the incredible myriad of benefits these acts have to offer. A good routine of massage and skin care can help everyone to look and feel better about themselves, as well as enjoying a healthier lifestyle overall.

Massage and Stretch Services at Massage Envy

Massage Envy locations around the US provide a range of personalized massage and stretch services for everyone from professional athletes to busy workers in need of some self-care. The benefits of massages are numerous, with some of the key advantages being better blood flow, lower blood pressure, and reduced stress. Especially in modern times, many people struggle with hectic lifestyles and a lot of worries, resulting in major amounts of stress that can take both a mental and physical toll on the body.

Massage helps to alleviate those stresses and tensions, helping everyone feel better about their lives and simply taking some time for themselves. Massage techniques like those used at Massage Envy also help to get the blood and lymph systems of the body functioning at peak performance, contributing to better overall health and strong circulation to muscles, organs, and other important parts of the body. Another big benefit of regular massage is improved posture. Bad posture is an issue that affects a large percentage of the population and can be very difficult to treat or rectify without professional help.

A bad posture can cause back pain, muscle problems, and mobility issues in later life, so it's definitely something you want to focus on fixing. Therapeutic massage at Massage Envy helps to encourage stronger spinal alignment and improve movement and posture throughout the body. With highly trained massage therapists and a range of additional products like serums, lotions, aromatherapy, exfoliants, and more to enhance and improve the efficiency of each massage, Massage Envy offers massage services that truly get results.

Total Body Stretch services can also be enjoyed at Massage Envy. Developed by leading massage and physiotherapy experts, Massage Envy's Streto Method of Total Body Stretch helps to improve blood circulation around the body, while also relieving muscle tension and helping with mobility and flexibility. This is a service that athletes and active people in general will definitely appreciate, with world class PGA golf star Brandt Snedeker relying on this stretching system to help him perform at his best levels out on the course.

Skin Care Services at Massage Envy

Everyone needs to look after their skin as well as they can. Our skin is our body's barrier, protecting us against the elements, as well as harmful toxins and bacteria. Each and every day, our skin is exposed to so many different things and is constantly having to change and heal and repair itself, so it's only natural that we should do our part to help out the process and keep our skin safe and healthy. At Massage Envy, you can enjoy a wide variety of skin care treatments, all designed with peak skin health in mind, helping you look and feel your best no matter what.

Some of the most popular skin care services at Massage Envy include Microderm Infusion, which uses cutting edge hydration technology to do more than a traditional microdermabrasion. Rather than just exfoliating the skin and removing dead cells and dirt, Massage Envy's Microderm Infusion service adds in hydration to leave your skin feeling smoother and softer than ever before. Chemical Peels can also be enjoyed at Massage Envy, leaving your skin with a healthy, beautiful glow, and many skin care products and lotions can be purchased for private use at home. (website)