All around the world, more and more people are watching what they eat and thinking more seriously about their diets. We’re seeing more people adopt vegan diets, for example, or choosing to remove certain elements like gluten from their daily intake. Others are trying to eat more organic produce and fresh ingredients, and in general, people are trying to focus on healthier, more natural options wherever possible.

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We are what we eat, after all, and all of the food and drink we consume can affect our bodies in different ways, so it makes a lot of sense to be more careful and considerate about the items we consume, but this kind of lifestyle has its obstacles to overcome. For example, trying to watch what you eat can make it more difficult to eat out at restaurants, as you are often left in the dark concerning how the meals are made and where the ingredients come from.

This means that many people, especially those who are trying to eat organic produce and ensure that the meals they eat are prepared in sustainable, ethical ways, can struggle to find restaurants that really cater to them. Fortunately, some restaurants are totally transparent about how they cook their meals and where all the ingredients come from, showing total dedication to their diners by making use of fresh, organic, local ingredients. Malibu Farm is one of those locations.

Malibu Farm - Organic Restaurants in South California and Beyond

Malibu Farm is the name of a chain of farm to table restaurants in South California and elsewhere around the United States. Founded by Helene Henderson just a few years ago as a simple backyard cooking school, Malibu Farm has swiftly grown into a whole network of restaurants cooking up amazing meals with nothing but local, pure, natural fruits, veggies, and herbs, and meats from animals that have been treated well and raised respectably.

- A Founder Who Cares - Helene Henderson, founder of Malibu Farm, has had a lifelong love of cooking, but has also grown up with a high level of respect for nature and the Earth. She raises her own free-range chickens, she takes her pet goats for walks on the beach, and when she started up her restaurant business, she vowed to work with local small farmers and make use of her own fresh produce to ensure that all recipes were prepared with only the finest, freshest ingredients.

- Fresh and Organic - You’ll only find fresh and mostly organic ingredients being used in the dishes at Malibu Farm. This farm to table chain has shown an admirable level of commitment and dedication in always using locally-sourced, seasonal ingredients plucked right from the soil without any GMOs or harm extra ingredients added in. This helps to ensure that Malibu Farm is a great place to eat if you want to be enjoying home-style cooking and safe ingredients.

- Natural - Part of Helene Henderson’s philosophy when founding Malibu Farm was the idea that she’d only use ingredients that were natural and could be made by herself on her own land. This is why, when you dine at Malibu Farm, you won't find any 'fake food' like margarine or sugar substitutes being used in the preparation of your meals. The focus here is on veggies, fruits, whole grains, grass-fed meat, free-range eggs, and more.

- Dedication - Of course, as Malibu Farm has grown and spread around the nation, the system has had to change a little to cope with the increased demand, but they still use as many of the freshest and best quality ingredients as possible. Despite now having multiple locations all around the United States, Malibu Farm still remains a small, locally owned business with the same passionate founder still taking eggs from her own chickens and veggies grown in her own soil to be used in the kitchens each day.

- Variety - Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served at Malibu Farm locations, so you can stop by at any time of day and be greeted with a friendly smile, great service, and wonderful food. There's a full kids menu too, so families are fully welcome at Malibu Farm, and you'll find a nice mixture of timeless classics like lasagna, paella, and steak, as well as more unique offerings, all given the signature Malibu Farm twist every time you dine here.

Malibur Farm is one of the top farm-to-table restaurant chains you can hope to find right now. Setting a fine example for others to follow and truly demonstrating an admirable level of respect and appreciation for nature, animals, and the world around us, Malibu Farm is offering people a more natural and wholesome way to enjoy great food, proving that simple, old-fashioned dishes made with great ingredients are all you really need to enjoy wonderful, memorable meals.

You can find Malibu Farm in no less than six different cities - Malibu, Newport Beach, Montecito, Cabo, Miami, and Lanai. Some Malibu Farm locations are situated in hotels or resorts, while others are standalone restaurants. They all offer the same great levels of service and the same commitment to using fresh, local produce in all of their recipes. Find your nearest Malibu Farm location and see why everyone is talking about this great organic restaurant today. website