We're living in a time when female empowerment and feminism have never been more talked-about and relevant, with stronger pushes for equality and female safety than ever before. It's a great time for society and civilization, but there's still a lot of work to be done. Each day, all around the globe, even in countries that are classed as socially progressive and strongly feminist, countless women are still made to feel afraid, in danger, judged, and criticized by others.

This is especially true when traveling. Travel has never been more accessible, and it's a wonderful way for people to broaden their horizons, forge new friendships, and experience new ideas, but travel is, by its very nature, a plunge into the unknown and unfamiliar. In new settings, it's easy for people, particularly women, to feel uneasy and unprepared to actually go out, explore, and enjoy themselves. It was this very experience that encouraged Carolyn Pearson to launch her female-friendly travel guidance platform, Maiden Voyage.

British businesswoman Pearson was on a business trip in Los Angeles, but since she was alone and in a big city she didn't know, she didn't feel comfortable or confident enough to make the most of her stay. When she got home, she made a conscious decision to try and help other women who found themselves in the same situations. Maiden Voyage was born.

This innovative service brings together members from more than 80 countries all over the world in one big, helpful community. Featuring city guides with female-friendly travel tips, lists of female-friendly hotels in major cities all around the world, networking opportunities, female traveler safety training courses, blog posts, eLearning, female-oriented travel accessories and services, and much more, Maiden Voyage is an award-winning platform that works to make travel so much easier, safer, and more exciting for women everywhere.

Safe Travel for Women with Maiden Voyage

Maiden Voyage was created with the idea of making travel better for all women, enabling every female traveler, especially those who are traveling along for business reasons, to have enjoyable experiences all over the globe. In order to accomplish this goal, Maiden Voyage offers a variety of tools and systems for individuals and corporations.

With members in dozens of countries, one of Maiden Voyage's best tools for safe female travel is its networking platform. This allows registered users to connect with each other. You can input the dates and locations of any trips you'll be making and find other female travelers in the area to connect and communicate with, viewing their profiles to learn more about them before making contact.

Too often, female travelers feel forced to spend most of their trips in the confines of a hotel room for fear of attracting unwanted attention or embarrassment out in the city. The networking system from Maiden Voyage helps to eliminate this problem.

Along with the networking platform, Maiden Voyage also offers written travel guides, blog posts, safety tips, and more to help every woman stay safe on her travels. There are full city guides for locations all around the world in Asia, Noth America, South America, Africa, Europe, and beyond.

These guides show you basic information about each city as well as offering advice on the most female-friendly travel companies, bars, restaurants, hotels, and more. The Maiden Voyage female travel guides also go into crime rates for each city and offer key tips like emergency service numbers and more to help you stay safe, as well as listing locations dedicated to beauty, fitness, and other activities to check out during your stay.

Female-Friendly Hotels with Maiden Voyage

As well as networking options, city guides, travel tips, and more, Maiden Voyage also lets female travelers find female-friendly hotels for their stays all over the world. You can head over to the official Maiden Voyage site and simply choose the city you'll be visiting to see a list of hotels appear.

All of these hotels have actually been checked in person by Maiden Voyage members and inspectors, with a checklist of features each hotel has to meet in order to qualify as a 'Certified Female-Friendly' location. These features include:

- A reception area with staff on-site at all times, day and night

- A well-lit entrance area

- At least two door locks in the hotel room

Additional safety and comfort features are also analyzed and listed on the Maiden Voyage site to help you learn more about each hotel before you reserve a stay. For comfortable, secure stays in major cities around the world, Maiden Voyage's certified female-friendly hotels are the best options. Not only that, but Maiden Voyage also offers hotel discount codes for members at highly rated hotels all over the globe. website

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