As we learn more and more about the damage being done to our planet through our own actions, we’re seeing a greater focus on green innovations and eco-friendly inventions across a broad spectrum of industries. The oceans, in particular, are suffering greatly from pollution and dangerous fishing techniques.

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Scientists predict than within the coming decades, the amount of plastic waste in the ocean will outweigh the amount of fish, and the various statistics and reports regarding the pollution and harmful treatment of the world’s waters make for scary reading. Fortunately, brands like MAARÏ Porto Cervo are taking action today.

MAARÏ Porto Cervo - Sustainable Luxury Swimwear

MAARÏ Porto Cervo provides luxury swimwear for women made in sustainable ways and with only the finest Italian materials and time-tested production techniques. The company was founded by a pair of friends, Maria and Federica, who were raised in the beautiful Costa Smeralda area of Sardinia, Italy.

Understanding the importance of quality swimwear better than most, Maria and Federica grew tired of the lack of options available and frustrated that they were always having to make compromises when buying swimwear in terms of quality and their own personal values.

They therefore decided to launch their own brand. Inspired by the stunning allure of their home region, with its magical sunsets and soft sands, and also fuelled by a desire to create eco-friendly swimwear and set a better example for other brands to follow, they founded MAARÏ Porto Cervo and the MAARÏ Conscious Collections.

- Italian Quality - Everyone knows that Italy leads the way in the world of fashion. The nation has given birth to some of the greatest designers and fashion icons of all time, and any kind of apparel or accessory bearing the words 'Made in Italy' instantly takes on a new level of class and elegance. All MAARÏ Porto Cervo products are made by hand in Italy, with skilled artisanal workers putting every swimsuit together with the best quality materials and proven techniques. Designed with quality, rather than quantity, in mind, MAARÏ products are made in small batches, with the artisans taking the time they need to ensure that every single item is just right before moving on to the next.

- Luxurious and Stylish - As well as producing its swimsuits with 100& eco-sustainable luxurious Italian fabrics, MAARÏ Porto Cervo also aims to offer only the comfiest fits and most stylish swimsuits for its customers. Oozing with class, grace, elegance, and beauty, these swimsuits are simply stunning from every angle, feeling great on the skin, lasting for many years, and available in a great range of shapes, styles, colors, and forms. No matter what kind of swimwear you tend to favor, MAARÏ Porto Cervo will have the perfect option just for you, including one piece swimsuits, bikinis, and beach dresses.

- Sustainable Swimwear - The founders of MAARÏ Porto Cervo understand the importance of the oceans. Covering three quarters of the Earth's surface and producing 70% of the oxygen in our atmosphere, it's clear the oceans need to be protected for the survival of mankind and the world as we know it. In order to make a difference to the health of the oceans, MAARÏ Porto Cervo actually makes use of recycled fishing nets that were abandoned in the oceans and have since been reclaimed and transformed into strong, resistant fibers. All MAARÏ Porto Cervo swimsuits are made with these Econyl fibers to create stylish and durable swimwear solutions for you.

- Making A Difference - The sustainable model and methods being used by MAARÏ Porto Cervo are already making a big difference, offsetting huge amounts of carbon dioxide emissions, cutting down on energy usage, and cleaning up the world's waters too, as well as setting a super example for other brands to try and imitate. Not only that, but MAARÏ Porto Cervo also donates 1% of all purchase of the MAARÏ Conscious Collections to Healthy Seas, a charitable organization dedicated to cleaning up the seas. So if you care about the environment too and want to support a brand that shares that same care and consideration and actively works to make the world a better place, MAARÏ is a great name to choose.

At a time when big brands will seemingly stop at nothing and make countless compromises in their pursuits of profits, even at the cost of the planet’s own health, MAARÏ Porto Cervo is proving that there’s a different and better way to make high quality swimwear. For sustainable swimsuits that look great, feel wonderful, and are kind to the planet, choose MAARÏ Porto Cervo. website