We’re living in a time where technology rules the world and big corporate brands mass produce almost all of the items we buy. This kind of world has its advantages, but plenty of people out there look back to the past and admire the simpler nature of those times and the originality that could be found in every walk of life.

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In the past, without modern machines and huge factories, items were carefully crafted by the hands of skilled workers and artisans. The process took a little longer than it does nowadays, and the quantities of goods produced were a lot smaller overall, but the originality and unique nature of these items was truly special to a lot of people.

Owning something that can actually be classed as ‘one of a kind’ has become a lot rarer nowadays. The industrial world means that everything seems to be mass produced, but there are still some talented, passionate people and brands out there learning their trade the old-fashioned way and making original items purely by hand. Leo’s Dry Goods is a great example.

Leo’s Dry Goods - Beautiful Handcrafted Goods

Leo’s Dry Goods is owned and operated by Shari Rogoff Moraga, who also founded the brand. Named after her own grandfather, who once owned a store in Newark, New Jersey after moving all the way to America from Prague in the Czech Republic. His store, named Leo's Dry Goods, was a place for him to craft and sell items like sheets, towels, and clothes.

It was a simpler time, but the products all meant so much more to the people who bought them due to their unique, handmade nature. Now, years later, Shari is honoring her grandpa and producing some truly beautiful handmade goods, just like he once did. Here are some unique aspects and features that make this emerging brand stand out:

- Handmade - Everything sold by Leo’s Dry Goods is made by hand. all of the different designs are embroidered and stitched by Shari herself, without the use of programmable machines or modern gadgets. Handmade goods always feel so much more special than their mass produced counterparts. This is why so many people prefer shopping in independent stores, boutiques, and markets. Something that has been made by hand just feels better and displays a higher level of quality overall, and each of these items also serves as a wonderful example of Shari’s amazing talent.

- One Of A Kind - Due to the handcrafted nature of all of these items sold by Leo’s Dry Goods, they’re also all one of a kind too. Even when designs are repeated on some of these items like tea towels, kerchiefs, napkins, and aprons, each one is being embroidered by hand every time, so no two items are ever quite the same. As previously stated, truly unique items are hard to come by nowadays, but they can still be found and enjoyed if you look and shop in the right places, and Leo’s Dry Goods is definitely one of the right places.

- A Family Tradition - Another wonderful aspect that sets Leo’s Dry Goods apart is how much of a family business this is, despite being owned and operated by just one woman. In naming her brand Leo’s Dry Goods, Shari is honoring her own grandfather, who came to America after a long journey through multiple countries and sought to share his creations with many people along the way. He founded his own store in Newark and Shari grew up surrounded by many items he had made. Creating products like towels and pillows has always been a big part of her family. It means something to her, and that special significance ensures that each item is truly made with a lot of love and attention to detail.

- Lots Of Options - Leo's Dry Goods sells a great range of products including everything from tea towels and dinner napkins to aprons, pillows, seasonal goods, and kerchiefs. Each item is crafted lovingly and decorated with beautiful, embroidered images, typically featuring images associated with nature like animals and plants. The style of these products could be described as chic and minimalist, blending rustic and vintage elements with a contemporary twist. The designs are typically cute and cheerful, perfect for putting a smile on your face every time you see them and ideal to be given as gifts to loved ones too.

Leo’s Dry Goods is a lovely brand producing some very high-quality goods, all handcrafted with a special kind of love and affection that only someone like Shari could provide. At a time when big brands are offering the same cookie cutter products made by machines in expansive factories in far-off locations, Leo’s Dry Goods is showing us a simpler way to make and enjoy useful, attractive items. website