It may be a cliché, but shopping for new clothes is definitely a popular pastime with countless women, and recent years in particular have seen a surge in the popularity of smaller brands and independent labels, free from the restrictions and limitations of the bigger names. While big brands focus on mass-producing the same old designs for maximal profits, smaller creators and emerging brands are able to focus their time, resources, and energies into the creation of truly original, beautiful pieces that can stand out in any wardrobe.

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More and more women are shopping with these kinds of brands and searching for truly unique attire that speaks to them. Clothing isn’t just about following the trends or keeping up with the latest fads; it’s about finding items that really express your personality and resonate with who you are. We’re all unique, and that’s why we need to find unique items of clothing to let us share who we are and truly feel like ourselves, stepping out into the world comfortably and confidently, and one of the top fashion brands you need to know is, without a doubt, Kamperett.

All About Kamperett- Premium Fashion for Women

Kamperett is a womenswear brand that got started by fashion loving duo Anna Chiu and Valerie Santillo. They named the company Kamperett in honor of their mothers' maiden names, Pferdekamper and Garrett. Together, Chiu and Santillo hoped to create pieces that exuded quality, class, and elegance without ever resorting to corner cutting or compromises. So far, they've succeeded spectacularly, offering an astounding range of attire that has drawn plaudits from fashion experts all over the world.

- Made in the USA - All of Kamperett's attire is designed and manufactured in the USA, specifically in the city of San Francisco, California. Kamperett is committed to quality, and while so many other brands outsource their clothing production to other countries in an effort to cut down costs and maximize their profits, Kamperett is fully focused on ensuring that all of its products will always be made on American soil to guarantee that every single one of those products is made to the highest possible standards that the American public expects.

- Ethical - In line with its commitment to quality, Kamperett also promises that all production of its clothing is undertaken in ethical factories with responsible manufacturing techniques and systems in place. There have been countless reports and stories of larger brands exploiting their workforce and making use of unethical systems and processes, once again in a bid to boost their profits at any cost, but Kamperett is demonstrating the advantages of respecting its workers and treating customers with the same level of respect through the use of quality, ethical techniques.

- Quality - Yet another way in which Kamperett stands out from the crowd and exhibits a total dedication to quality womenswear is through the use of only the finest quality materials. You'll find top quality silk and satin dresses, Japanese cotton jumpsuits, rayon and spandex blend bodysuits, cotton and wool pants, and other high quality materials being used in all other forms of clothing whenever you choose to shop with Kamperett. The quality of the materials used not only gives these clothes a more premium, elegant look, but also ensures they feel softer and smoother on the skin and are much more durable and long-lasting too.

- Variety - Kamperett may not boast the same extensive product lists and catalogs of the biggest brands around, but it does still offer an exceptional degree of variety in its womenswear offerings. Whether you're shopping for handpainted silk dresses, casual chic skirts, classy tops, or elegant jumpsuits, you'll find a great range of options here. Kamperett's designers experiment with various colors, tones, and patterns, ranging from subdued simplicity to intricately detailed floral patterns. Available in sizes ranging from XS to L, Kamperett clothes can appeal to a wide range of women, with each product being carefully and attentively designed and produced to take your breath away.

- Bridal - Kamperett is also an excellent brand to choose when shopping for luxury wedding gowns. Kamperett sells an exceptional selection of silk and satin wrap dresses in various cuts and styles to suit all tastes and preferences. Offering chic, subdued style and unbridled elegance, these wedding gowns and bridal attire can add class and elegance to any occasion.

Through passionate design and ethical practices, Kamperett sets itself apart as one of the leading womenswear brands of modern times. Offering contemporary class and elegance throughout its line-up of women’s clothes, this label is the perfect fit for discerning women.

Kamperett clothes can be purchased online, with international and expedited delivery services available, or direct from the brand’s San Francisco showroom, which is located at 3686 20th St. San Francisco, CA and open on Fridays from 10am to 3pm, or by appointment. website