As you travel around from one airport to another, you may notice that along with having their own unique names, airports are also given three letter codes. In fact, some airports are even more commonly known by these codes than their actual names like JFK or LAX. These three letter codes are known as IATA airport codes and are used to quickly and easily identify airports and tell them apart. The John Wayne airport code is SNA. SNA is the airport code used for John Wayne Airport, which has also been known under the name Orange County Airport. CDC information for travelers. Hours/availability may have changed.

1.John Wayne Airport Code

John Wayne Airport Code
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What is the John Wayne Airport Code?

John Wayne Airport, which some people know under its original name of Orange County Airport, has the airport code SNA. The airport code SNA is used due to John Wayne Airport's location in the city of Santa Ana. It is situated in Orange County, southeast of Downtown Los Angeles.

John Wayne Airport Code Contact Information

The address for airport code SNA (John Wayne Airport) is 18601 Airport Way Santa Ana, CA 92707. A contact phone number for John Wayne Airport is 949 252 5200, with friendly staff standing by to help you learn more about the airport and provide up to date flight information.

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2.History of John Wayne Airport Code SNA

History of John Wayne Airport Code SNA
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The history of John Wayne Airport goes back many decades. It was in 1923 that a man named Eddie Martin constructed a flying school on the land known as Eddie Martin Airport. As World War II broke out, the United States Military took over the area and opened up the Santa Ana Army Air Base in 1942. The space was used by the military for several years before being given back to the county. The airport was then used for a unique purpose in the 1950s; it become the Santa Ana Drag Strip, a drag racing location used on the weekends.

In those years, there weren't many commercial airline flights running to or from John Wayne Airport, but the opening of the Eddie Martin Terminal in 1967 saw some big surges in passenger traffic. The 1970s and 80s saw the numbers of passengers continue to rise, and the airport was renamed John Wayne Airport from its original name of Orange County Airport in 1979 in honor of the famous Western actor. A big bronze statue of Wayne is housed at the airport. In 1990, a new terminal, the Thomas F. Riley Terminal, opened up. In 2011, the airport saw even more renovations with over half a billion dollars going into development and expansion, with the opening of a new terminal, Terminal C.

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3.Statistics for John Wayne Airport Code SNA

Statistics for John Wayne Airport Code SNA
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John Wayne Airport is the only commercial airport in Orange County nad is typically used for people visiting the Los Angeles metropolitan area for places like Long Beach, Santa Ana, Newport Beach, Anaheim, and others. It typically ranks as one of the busiest airports in the Greater Los Angeles area, with over 10 million passengers passing through this airport on an annual basis.

John Wayne Airport features several different airlines with most of their routes going to destinations all around the United States. However, there are a few international options visiting Canada and Mexico. The top destinations from SNA airport are Denver, CO; Phoenix, AZ; San Francisco, CA; Seattle, WA; and San Jose, CA.

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4.Parking at John Wayne Airport Code SNA

Parking at John Wayne Airport Code SNA
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Parking at John Wayne Airport is very simple, with lots of different options to cater to the three separate terminal buildings. Depending on whether you're flying from Terminal A, B, or C, you'll want to choose between parking lots A1, A2, B2, and C. If you're looking for the cheapest parking at John Wayne Airport, you'll want to visit the Main Street parking area at 1512 Main Street in the city of Irvine. This parking area is served by free shuttle buses to take you over to the terminals.

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5.Getting There

Getting There
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Getting To and From John Wayne Airport Code SNA

In terms of ground transportation, you've got a few different options at John Wayne Airport. Reaching the airport by car is easy enough, but if you'd prefer to use public transportation, you can use various bus routes. Different buses operate to and from the terminal buildings to various areas around Greater Los Angeles. You'll also find taxis outside the terminals to take you to Santa Ana or elsewhere. Ride share apps like Uber are also a popular option nowadays for passengers getting to and from SNA airport.

Getting Around John Wayne Airport Code SNA

John Wayne Airport is relatively large but easy to get around. The important thing when flying from this airport is to choose the right parking area or public transportation route to get to the terminal building you need. Flights leave from terminals A, B, and C, so it's important to access the right building. Once you’re inside, you’ll find everything neatly laid-out and labeled to help you get around without any problems.

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6.Hotels at John Wayne Airport Code SNA

Hotels at John Wayne Airport Code SNA
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There are no hotels actually on the grounds of John Wayne Airport, but there are plenty of good hotels in the local area with room rates varying greatly. A lot of the hotels near SNA airport offer complimentary shuttles direct to the terminal buildings, making these hotels good options for people who want easy access to the airport and prefer not to use their own cars. Read on for names and details on the best hotels near SNA airport.

¾ Hilton Irvine/Orange County Airport - 18800 MacArthur Blvd, Irvine, CA 92612, Phone: 949-833-9999

¾ Hyatt Regency John Wayne Airport Newport Beach - 4545 MacArthur Blvd, Newport Beach, CA 92660, Phone: 949-833-0570

¾ Atrium Hotel - 18700 MacArthur Blvd, Irvine, CA 92612, Phone: 949-833-2770

¾ Wyndham Irvine-Orange County Airport - 17941 Von Karman Ave, Irvine, CA 92614, Phone: 949-345-1856

¾ Hampton Inn & Suites Irvine-Orange County Airport - 2192 Dupont Dr, Irvine, CA 92612, Phone: 949-748-1060

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John Wayne Airport Code (Orange County Airport)

Attraction Spotlight: Adventure City

Located in Stanton, Orange County, this is one of California’s smallest amusement parks. Though small, the park hosts two hundred thousand to four hundred thousand visitors a year and offers family fun for everyone. Adventure City opened in 1994, costing four million dollars, as an extension of Hobby City. Hobby City was a six-acre grouping of museums and novelty shops.


It was advertised as an alternative that was much more affordable than Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm. The miniature railroad, opened in 1938, from Hobby City was incorporated as part of Adventure City. The park boasted a 1946 classic carousel as part of it’s opening day rides.

The amusement park bought and renovated a 1950s classic rollercoaster in the style of Wild Mouse. The coaster was christened Tree Top Racers and it boundaries expanded into the parking lot to the west. This ride was the first new ride addition since Adventure City opened. Tree Top Racers was closed for good in 2012.

Adventure City opened the Drop Zone in 2005, which was only its second new ride addition since opening in 1994. After closing down Tree Top Racer, the park opened Rewind Racers which cost two million dollars and was a family shuttle roller coaster, in 2015 when it celebrated its twentieth anniversary. Rewind Racers is the first ride of this kind ever opened in North America and is also the largest investment in the history of Adventure City.


The Adventure City amusement park offers rides and attractions the whole family will enjoy.

Rides- Several different types of rides can be found all over the park.

· Rewind Racer- This roller coaster is the first reversing and forward family coaster in North America.

· Carousel- This carousel is a classic 1946 carousel with twenty horses and is located right at the heart of Adventure City.

· Drop Zone- These forty-five towers take riders slowly to the top. Once at the top, the tower plunges riders to the bottom.

· Balloon Ride- Rides take a tour of a mini- airport terminal, learn about aviation and listen to an air control operator direct planes. This is followed by the Great Balloon Race. Air balloon baskets take riders twenty-five feet into the air and spin them around.

· Barnstormer Planes- Riders get to fly their own bi-plane.

· Freeway Coaster- This coaster is geared towards younger children and provides family fun for everyone,

· Crank’n’Roll- This mini-train allows children to play the part of engineer.

· Adventure City Express Train- Built in 1945 as art of Hobby City, the train is now part of Adventure City and takes riders on a tour of the park.

· Crazy Bus- This is a swooping ride that takes rides up and around in a circle.

· Giggle Wheel- This is Adventure City’s version of the Ferris Wheel.

Other Attractions- Adventure City has several other attractions for families to enjoy.

· Rescue 911- Children experience what it’s like to be a fire fighter and police officer. They get to try on real fire fighting helmets and jackets. Visitors will be entertained by the funny fictional emergency calls on the intercom by a real 911 dispatcher.

· Petting Farm- This is Adventure City’s petting zoo.

· Rock Climbing- There are three sides that offer challenges to climbers on this twenty-four-foot rock tower.

· Children’s Theater- Adventure city offers a variety of educational and entertaining shows for kids.

· Arcade- The Arcade offers several skill-based challenging games for all members of the family to enjoy. The games award tickets that can be exchanged for prizes.

· Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends- Children help each other build train layouts using wooden bridges, trains, and tracks.

Special Events

Adventure City offers places for birthday parties.

· Party Station- The Party Station is a dining room that can hold any size event. Children climb on their own Taxi provided by Adventure City and taken to the party. The Adventure City Express may even roll through the dining hall.

· Party Tree House- Children experience what partying in a tree house is like. This party room comes complete with a bear singing from above, butterflies flying overhead, and gifts bordering the ceiling.

Adventure City can host corporate or private events as well. The park has planned gatherings for up to two thousand people.


Outside food and drinks are not allowed in the park, other than baby food and formula. There are picnic table outside the entrance to the park for visitors who want to pack their own meals.

Parker’s Fill-Up Station inside the park offers a variety of foods and drinks such as pizza. Sandwiches, hot dogs, salads, and curly fries. The Station also offers snack food and sweets such as pretzels, ICEEs, churros, ice cream and sliced apples with caramel.

1238 South Beach Blvd, Anaheim, California, Phone: 714-236-9300

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Attraction Spotlight: Pretend City Children’s Museum

Pretend City offers a hands-on learning experience for children that even adults will enjoy. Bring children and let them play in a city their size, all while learning important skills that will stick with them for their entire lives. Pretend City opened in 2009 in Irvine, California. The goal of the children’s museum is to help assist kids with learning foundational math, science and reading skills, while having fun and fostering creativity, curiosity, problem solving, critical thinking, teamwork, organization, socialization, and self-confidence.


It is a non-profit seeking to “build better brains.” They also hold twice monthly autism related events like workshops, relaxation classes, and family days.

Permanent Exhibits

The children’s museum offers 17 different interactive exhibits! Make sure to budget enough time for children to see everything as a visit can often take a whole day. Pretend City is open from 11:00am to 5:00pm on Sunday, from 10:00am to 1:00pm on Monday, and from 10:00am to 5:00pm Tuesday through Saturday.

The exhibits are modeled after a pint-sized city, meant to teach children about real life in a way that speaks to them on their level. Below are just a few of the favorites!

Amphitheater - Lets children express themselves and helps them to develop self-confidence while building both emotional and social skills.

Art Studio - Children can create art while exercising their imagination, building their creativity, and helping hone their fine motor skills.

Bank - Helps children learn about numbers and the concepts of addition and subtraction as well as the math skills of categorizing and sorting.

Beach - This exhibit helps teach children about how important it is to protect and conserve beaches. It also helps them learn about cause and effect, as well as how to build their own leadership skills (and put them to use for this important cause).

Construction - Lets children learn about number concepts like less vs more, and longer vs shorter. It also teaches them about geography as well as social skills.

Cafe - Cooking at the cafe helps children learn not only about creating healthy meals but also about appreciate diversity through learning about multicultural dishes.

Emergency Services - Children will learn about active listening, as well as how to read maps, plan routes efficiently and build team working and problem-solving skills.

Farm - Learning about the farm helps children be able to visualize the process of food and how it travels from the farm to the table, as well as helping with negotiation and critical thinking.

Gas Station - Children will learn how to use active problem solving by using the trial and error method. It also helps them to develop critical thinking and fine motor skills.

Imagination Playground - The playground features blocks that challenge children to build all sorts of creations. Child directed play has been said to be one of the best ways to encourage active learning, and children visiting have built all sorts of different things - factories, shops, skyscrapers, etc. The sky is the limited and, with unstructured play, children lead the way.

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Educational Opportunities

Due to the mission of the children’s museum, it makes for a great and interactive field trip learning experience for students from preschool through second grade. The options align with the standards of Common Core and are available from Monday through Friday (morning field trips are available Monday through Thursday only, and afternoon field trips are only available on Thursday and Friday). There are both guided and self-guided choices, and both field trips last around two and a half hours with two hours of that being free exploration and half an hour being reserved for lunch time in one of the Community Rooms. Guided options include an additional half an hour for a lesson at the beginning as well. Field trips do require reservations in advance as well as a non-refundable deposit to hold the slot. Contact Pretend City for more information as well as to reserve space. There is a fee per student, but adult chaperones are free.

Dining and Shopping

Once children are done dining in the Pretend City cafe, they can come grab a bite to eat at the real cafe, which features vending machine options that offer healthy choices like salads, sandwiches, and fruit snacks. The facility is nut free. For those wanting to take a piece of the children’s museum home with them, the Mini Mall has a selection of take home learning based items for purchase.

Pretend City Children’s Museum, 29 Hubble, Irvine, CA, 92618, Phone: 949-428-3900

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Attraction Spotlight: Nixon Library and Museum

The Nixon Library and Museum is laser focused on the specific time period that he was President and the way that it impacted the direction that the United States went after that. Visiting can help history come alive, especially for people who were not yet alive during that time period. Located in Yorba Linda, Orange County, California, the Nixon Library and Museum opened on 15 acres in 2016 and includes the new permanent galleries, Nixon’s helicopter, and his birthplace.

Permanent Exhibits

Orientation Theater - All tours of the library and museum will start at the theater, which includes a multimedia presentation introducing Richard Nixon and an overview of his 50 years of public service.

“Wave of Change” - Featuring vivid super graphics that stretch along the curved walls of the gallery, visitors will experience sights and sounds that help bring to life a selection of the most important images, events, and people that occurred right before Nixon was elected President of the United States in 1968. One of his candidacy banners hangs overhead.

Oval Office - This exhibit is a replication of the way that the Oval Office looked when Nixon was President, and even allows visitors to sit behind the President’s desk (they are even allowed to take photos!).

Vietnam War - Visitors will be confronted with the war in Vietnam, much like Nixon himself was in 1969. Walk around and explore the conversation happening in the country at that time, both about the war and the decisions Nixon made around it. There are also artifacts and images that focus on some of the prisoners of war (POWs) during their time there, as well as their homecomings.

Domestic Policy Vision - Learn about Nixon’s approach to domestic policy, especially as it related to both state and local governmental power, the regulation of the federal government, as well as fiscal responsibility. This exhibit also focuses on environmental regulations (Nixon helped create the EPA), healthcare, drug use, and civil rights.

Communism - Taking a look at the Cold War and its impact on Nixon’s approach to communism and eventual policy of detente. There is also a large section of the actual Berlin Wall located at the exhibit.

First Lady - This exhibit focuses on Pat Nixon, the First Lady. From her domestic initiatives to her travels all over the world, it makes clear just how influential she was and how much of an impact her presence had throughout the entire world, not just in the White House.

These are only a selection of the larger number of exhibits that are located at the library and museum. There is always a fascinating selection of rotating temporary exhibits as well!

Special Events

The library and museum offer special events on a fairly regular basis. Musical concerts are free to the public and held on Sundays, with doors at 1:30pm and music starting at 2:00pm. The events vary between classical pianists, violin students, brass bands, and children’s choruses. There are also occasional author events where the author will come and discuss their books, followed by a question and answer session. Movies are also shown occasionally, with themes and topics that relate to the time Nixon was President. Seasonal events are also offered, like Christmas themed concerts.

Keep an eye out for the webinars offered as well, which allow visitors to learn about various Nixon era topics from a knowledgeable professional without having to leave their own homes. Recently topics have included the Vietnam War from both the run up to the war and the process of getting through it as a nation.

Educational Opportunities

The Nixon Library and Museum always welcomes students to tour the premises for field trips. Tours are offered free of charge for students, including teachers, adult chaperones (up to the recommended one adult for every ten-student ratio) and bus drivers! There is a request form available on the website for teachers to fill out ahead of time, which can be submitted to the staff either through email, fax, or mail. Tours typically take about two hours and start at either 10am or 10:30am with a dedicated tour guide. Tours can be catered to specific lesson plans with advance notice. Make sure to remind students that there is no running or food, or drink allowed on the premises. Cell phones can be used for photographs (however, no flash photograph is allowed on many of the artifacts), but usage should be limited. Backpacks will need to be left on the bus.

Facilities are ADA compliant.

Nixon Library and Museum, 18001 Yorba Linda Blvd, Yorba Linda, CA, 92886, Phone: 714-993-5075

More Things to Do in Orange County

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