As well as being fashion accessories and practical items to help us carry around the things we need, bags can be expressions of our personalities. They can become parts of your daily life, always with you, always reliably storing your cash, keys, phone, work files, travel accessories and more.

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Many women search for years and purchase dozens of different bags in their aim to find the perfect one for them, and if you're looking for a brilliant new bag, be it for work, travel, going to the gym, or simple daily life, Jemma is the brand to choose.

The Jemma Difference

Jemma was designed with modern women in mind and the goal of fusing the elegance and style of fashionable designer handbags with the practicality and convenience of those classic, favorite bags we all have at home. Too often, designer handbags simply prove to be impractical for various uses while cheaper handbags can be more practical but lack that fashion flair.

The Jemma range of bags was designed to compensate for the flaws of both ends of the spectrum and focus only on the positives, offering both style and substance through a range of bags that not only look beautiful but can also be truly useful in a variety of fields and forms. Not only that, but the price tags on these bags are highly reasonable and competitive, letting you enjoy luxury, style, and performance for a price that will leave you smiling.

Best Bags from Jemma

Designed in New York City, one of the fashion hubs of the modern world, and made from materials sourced in Italy, an iconic leading light in the clothing and accessory fields, Jemma bags are made with both functionality and elegance in mind and can work for the following uses:

-Tote bags for daily use when you’re out and about, perfect for any environment and occasion and ideal for keeping all your daily items easily accessible and totally safe.

-Work bags to keep all your files, documents, laptop, phone, and other work accessories organized and look classy around the office.

-Gym bags for all your workout essentials like shoes, water bottles, spare clothes, towels, and more.

-Travel bags with lots of space and pockets for all the little and large items you need when you go away.

-Accessories like wallets and jewelry cases to to store and protect your money, cards, cash, rings, necklaces, bracelets, and more.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these options and help you see why you need to order a Jemma bag today.

Best Tote Bags with Jemma

Jemma has taken all the advantages of a backpack and all the convenience of a tote bag and fused them together in one amazing line of products. The 'Poppins' range of bags can be carried just like a tote, worn on the back like a backpack, or even slung over the shoulder like a satchel and are made from Italian calf leather.

These bags feature a ton of space and pockets for all the items you need and the design, as its name suggests, was inspired by the magical bag of Mary Poppins, which seems to be endless and capable of storing an astonishing number of objects.

Best Work Bags with Jemma

When it comes to a work bag, you need something big enough to store all those items you're going to need throughout the day while also looking stylish to help you look and feel your best around the office or other place of work. For all of that, you can choose the 'Emma'.

Highly functional and simply gorgeous to behold, the Emma features two huge interior compartments that can handle laptops, purses, tablets, and more. It also comes with a pocket for your phone, a pen or lipstick holder, a card holder on the outside, an adjustable strap, and more.

Best Gym Bags with Jemma

A gym bag is a highly practical accessory that no active woman can be without. When heading to the gym, you have to carry a lot of extra items like clothes, towels, shoes, and more, as well as all your regular accessories and items like phone, keys, money, cards, make-up, and more. Fortunately, the 'Birdie' can handle all of that.

Named after the golfing term, the Birdie is the perfect gym bag. It features a laptop pocket at the front and then a massive central space for all your clothes or other gym gear. You'll find a water bottle holder too, as well as a wallet pocket, phone pocket, card slots, ventilated shoe section, and a cosmetic case for your make-up and a drawstring bag for any dirty clothes or shoes you don't want to risk placing directly back in the bag.

Best Travel Bags with Jemma

Travel bags need to be big and bulky but also stylish and easy to carry around so you don't get too tired out or worry about the bag clashing with your outfit. Blending style and convenience, the 'Jackie' is the ultimate travel bag from Jemma.

Available in a range of four different colors, these bags are named in honor of Jackie Kennedy and are simply perfect for city breaks, weekend getaways, or longer vacations. They come with all kinds of features like a bottle holder, card slots, key strap, shoe compartment, central compartment for clothes, a laptop pocket, and more. website