In an ever-changing and increasingly hectic and fast-paced world, mindfulness is becoming increasingly important.

As the pressures and stresses of life build up on people, especially teens and young people, the importance of taking time to relax, experience silence, live in the moment, feel more aware, and develop our connections with other people and our own sense of empathy becomes greater and greater. Founded in 2010, Inward Bound Mindfulness Education is a Concord, MA based non-profit organization offering mindfulness programs and retreats for young people, parents, and professionals around the US and the UK.

The Services of Inward Bound Mindfulness Education

Inward Bound Mindfulness Education offers a range of mindfulness services for people of all ages:

- Teen Retreats - A key part of the offerings of the IBME is its teen retreats. Now, more than ever before, teens are having to deal with high levels of pressure and stress, rarely being able to take moments for themselves and enjoy real, meaningful connections with other people and the world around them. The Teen Retreats of the IBME run for several days and focus on teaching teenagers about awareness and concentration through guided mindfulness meditation sessions, small group discussions, and other activities. The retreats will also allow participants to have free time, interact with each other, and express themselves through various creative mediums like art, dance, writing, and sport.

- Young Adult Retreats - Designed specifically for those aged between 18 and 32, the Young Adult Retreats of Inward Bound Mindfulness Education are aimed at boosting mindfulness and feelings of compassion in young people. The retreats involve meditation,discussions, relaxation sessions, and other activities designed to help young adults change their mindset, become more aware and focused, avoid distractions around them, and build better relationships with themselves and with others.

- Adult Retreats - Mindfulness isn't just for young people. Individuals of all ages can benefit from a bigger focus on mindfulness, and that's why IBME also runs Adult Retreats too. Perfect for parents and professional people who work with young adults or children, these retreats give you a chance to relax, unwind, free your mind, and develop valuable new skills and understandings of yourself and the interpersonal connections you make.

- Harvard Retreats - The Harvard Retreats or University Retreats of IBME follow the same basic style and system as Teen Retreats and Young Adult Retreats, helping young people of student age to lower their stress levels, make stronger relationships with their fellow students, and have a more positive outlook on their academic and personal life. These retreats can involve workshops, silent practice, meditation, discussion, and other activities, all building up to high levels of self-esteem, lower risk of behavioral issues, much more positive attitudes about other people, and increased sociability too.

- Online Learning - Those who are unable to attend a retreat can still benefit from the mindfulness teachings and wisdom of IBME through online and over-the-phone programs. These programs let past IBME students or anyone interested in the services offered by IBME to get involved in a virtual class of their own, enjoying meditation and discussion from the comfort of their own environment.

Support IBME

Since its founding back in 2010, IBME has helped so many people and changed a lot of lives. It also works hard to award scholarships to teens who need them, effectively allowing every teen who wants to attend an IBME retreat to actually be able to do so without having to worry about the cost, but in order to keep on providing those scholarships and amazing, life-changing services, IBME needs the support of people who care. You can help in the following ways:

- Donations - IBME is a 501c3 non-profit organization, so relies strongly on donations to keep doing this work each and every year. Donations can be made on a one-time or regular basis and you can make fully tax-deductible gifts to IMBE, with all funds going towards the organization of retreats and events to help changing the lives of teens and young adults. There are a variety of ways to donate, including the Amazon Smile program and direct online donations.

- Commit To Sit - Each year, in the month of May, IBME supporters and members make a promise to meditate each and every day of the month and seek out sponsorship for their efforts, with all funds they raise going to IBME. This is a great way to support the organization while focusing on your own mindfulness and relaxation.

- Volunteers - Like any non-profit, IBME needs volunteers to kindly give up some of their time in order to help out with supporting teens and young adults at the retreats, guiding them around, organizing activities, and generally being the mentor and guide they need to help the whole retreat go smoothly. You can fill out a mentor/volunteer application online to find out more. website