Despite having a population of just 350,000 and being the most sparsely populated country in all of Europe, Iceland is still a hugely popular vacation destination. This Nordic island nation covers an area of around 40,000 square miles. Its capital city is Reykjavik and the country is known for its beautiful snow, mountainous landscapes with a lot of volcanoes, glaciers, and more. Iceland is a country with a rich, unique culture and a lot of interesting history behind it, with the small nation drawing in bigger and bigger numbers of tourists each and every year. CDC information for travelers. Hours/availability may have changed.

1.Iceland Airport Code

Iceland Airport Code
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Whether you're exploring the Golden Circle, taking in the beauty of Thingvellir National Park, taking a dip in the famed Blue Lagoon, or roaming the streets of Reykjavik, Iceland has a lot of things for people of all ages and backgrounds to see and do. If you're traveling to Iceland, you can make use of several different airports. The country has one major international airport and two additional major airports, as well as several smaller domestic, regional airports to help residents and travelers get around and visit some of Iceland's more remote locations and towns.

What Are The Iceland Airport Codes?

Iceland has multiple major airports, with three standing out as the main airports for the Nordic nation. The main airport for Iceland is Keflavik International Airport, which is also known under the name Reykjavik-Keflavik Airport and has the airport code KEF. The second major airport for Iceland is Reykjavik Airport, which has the airport code RKV. The third major airport for the country of Icleand is Akureyri Airport, which has the airport code AEY. Read on for additional details on the three main airport codes for Iceland.

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2.Iceland Airport Code KEF (Keflavik International Airport)

Iceland Airport Code KEF (Keflavik International Airport)
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Keflavik International Airport, also known as Reykjavik-Keflavik Airport, has the airport code KEF and is the main airport for Iceland. It is the largest and busiest airport in the country and is the main hub for air travel around Iceland. Keflavik International Airport is located just two miles away from the city of Keflavik and around 30 miles away from the Icelandic capital city of Reykjavik. this airport features one terminal and three runways, covering a total area of 9.7 square miles. Only two of the three runways at KEF airport are currently in operation.

KEF airport is a major hub for Icelandair and WOW Air and is used almost entirely for international flights only, but does offer some regional flights around Iceland. This airport was originally constructed by the United States during the 1940s and known under the name Patterson Field but eventually grew into the main commercial airport for the nation. Close to 9 million people are expected to pass through KEF airport each year from destinations all around the world, especially in Europe and North America. The busiest destinations from KEF airport are Copenhagen, Denmark; London, United Kingdom; Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Paris, France; and Boston, United States.

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3.Iceland Airport Code RKV (Reykjavik Airport)

Iceland Airport Code RKV (Reykjavik Airport)
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Reykjavik Airport, which has the airport code RKV, is the primary domestic airport for the country of Iceland. It is the second biggest and second busiest airport in the country after Keflavik International Airport and is located just a mile away from Central Reykjavik. This airport is in a better location for the Icelandic capital than KEF but doesn't have long enough runways or sufficient facilities to cope with the huge influx of international travelers that have been visiting Iceland in recent years. RKV airport is sometimes unofficially known as Reykjavik City Airport, Reykjavik Domestic Airport, or even Reykjavik International Airport due to the fact that this airport offers both regional and international services.

RKV airport is the primary hub for Eagle Air and Air Iceland Connect. It features one terminal building and three runways. Due to the fact that Reykjavik is the main city of Iceland and has grown a lot in recent years, there are currently debates in the country regarding the future of RKV airport, with some suggesting that the airport should be destroyed and replaced with a new one while others suggest it should be left as is. Most flights from Reykjavik Airport go around to other Icelandic airports like Akureyri and Vestmannaeyjar, with other routes going to destinations in places like Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

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4.Iceland Airport Code AEY (Akureyri Airport)

Iceland Airport Code AEY (Akureyri Airport)
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Akureyri Airport is the third main airport for Iceland but is still much smaller than Reykjavik Airport and Keflavik International Airport. Akureyri Airport has the airport code AEY and is located in the town of Akureyri, less than two miles from the center of the town. This airport features just one runway and offers services all around Iceland to airports like Reykjavik and Keflavik, but a new international route to Rotterdam in The Netherlands is scheduled to start soon, courtesy of Transavia.

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Iceland Airport Code

Iceland Currency

The most sparsely populated country in all of Europe, Iceland is also quickly becoming one of the continent's top vacation destinations due to its peaceful way of life and magical scenery. Dominated by frosty lakes, geothermal spas, stunning waterfalls, and glacial national parks, Iceland has proven to be hugely poplar with nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

This small but significant nation has also attracted many people who are looking to escape from the noise and lights of big cities to see and experience a more peaceful way of life. Many visitors to Iceland spend time in the country's capital of Reykjavik, while others visit national parks like Vatnajökull and Snæfellsjökull. Wherever you're going in Iceland, here's all you need to know about Icelandic currency.

Official Currency in Iceland

The official currency used in the nation of Iceland is the Icelandic króna. The word 'króna' translates as 'crown' in English, so you may also hear many people refer to Iceland's currency as the Icelandic crown. The symbol for this currency is simply 'kr' and its ISO code is ISK. Iceland is actually the second smallest country in the world, in terms of population, to have its own unique currency.

Historically, the Danish krone was used in Iceland, but the Icelandic króna was introduced in the early 20th century, with the first coins being issued in 1922. The króna was revalued in the 1980s, with a 1 new króna being valued as 100 old króna.

The Icelandic króna currency features both coins and notes. You’ll find króna coins in the following denominations:

- 1 króna

- 5 króna

- 10 króna

- 50 króna

- 100 króna

Interestingly, unlike other currencies where a single unit can be broken down into smaller units (i.e. 1 US dollar = 100 cents), a single krona is the smallest monetary unit used in Iceland. In the past, a króna could be broken down into 100 aurar (cents), and aurar coins were issued, but they are no longer produced or accepted.

The three smallest values of króna coin are silver in color, while the two largest values are golden. The coins are clearly marked with their monetary value and also with images of animals on one side like dolphins and crabs, and mythical creatures on the other side like giants and wights.

In addition to the coins listed above, you can find the following notes being used in Iceland:

- 500 kr

- 1000 kr

- 2000 kr

- 5000 kr

- 10000 kr

The notes used in Iceland are easy to tell apart as they each have their own color and size. The notes get larger in size as their value increases. The 500 kr note is red, the 1000 kr note is purple, the 2000 kr note has a multicolor design, the 5000 kr note is a mixture of blue and green, and the 10000 kr note is blue. The notes feature images of important people from Iceland's past, as well as other images of buildings and items.

Using Credit Cards in Iceland

Some people are under the misconception that due to Iceland's small size and population, the country isn't particularly advanced in terms of technology. In actual fact, Iceland has been very quick to adopt new technologies and advancements, so the use of credit and debit cards in Iceland is extremely high. In fact, a huge percentage of payments in Iceland are made by card, and most people don't even carry much cash around with them.

This means that you can mostly get by with your cards in Iceland, and you don’t even necessarily need to get any cash before you go or during your visit. It is still recommended to have a little bit of cash on your person at any one time, just in case you encounter a situation where card payments aren’t possible. In general, though, cards are the best way to pay in Iceland.

Using US Dollars or Other Currencies in Iceland

You might find that some hotels or tour guides in the big touristic locations will accept US dollars or euros in Iceland, but the króna is the only official currency and will be the only one accepted at most establishments.

You can have the best possible time during your Icelandic vacation and avoid any money problems by following these top tips:

- Iceland has a unique system of 'tax-free shopping' which you can take advantage of. If you make a purchase of more than 6000 króna in one go, you'll qualify for a tax free purchase. This only works on souvenirs, clothes, and similar items, so you can't use it on food in a restaurant, but it can provide some big savings. The usual value added tax (VAT) in Iceland is 25.5%, so getting this money refunded can be a nice bonus.

- As previously stated, Icelandic people don't tend to use cash in general and are always paying for almost everything with their cards. You can do the same, and it's perfectly possible to get through an entire trip to Iceland without even touching any money.

- If you do want to make use of cash during your time in Iceland, you'll be able to find ATMs quite easily around the big cities like Reykjavik. You may be charged for each time you use an ATM, however, so check with your bank beforehand and avoid using ATMs too often.

- Tipping isn't necessary in Iceland as a gratuity charge is usually added on to the costs of meals in restaurants. Giving extra tips and tipping people like taxi drivers isn't really a part of Icelandic culture, but workers will still happily accept any extra money you'd like to give them for good service.

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Hotel Ranga in Iceland

Located about an hour drive from Reykjavík in Southern Iceland, Hotel Rangá is a luxury countryside hotel and four-star resort. Nestled between the towns of Hella and Hvolsvöllur, the hotel offers deluxe accommodations, gourmet cuisine, and a range of upscale facilities and services, as well as breathtaking, panoramic scenery.

The prestigious international hotel and resort is built in a rustic log-cabin style and features a towering 10-foot tall polar bear named Hrammur in the lobby, which has become a well-known symbol for the hotel, which has become a top honeymoon destination and celebrity hot spot among Icelanders both in winter and summer. It is also ideally located for enjoying a variety of outdoor activities and Icelandic attractions, including the Glacier Lagoon (Jökulsárlón), the Golden Circle, and Eyjafjallajökull.

Hotel Rangá features 51 luxuriously decorated non-smoking guest rooms and suites, ranging from standard guest rooms to renowned continental suites, which are decorated and themed after the continents, and a luxurious master royal suite. Designed to provide the ultimate sanctuary in which to relax, each room and suite feature deluxe queen or king-size beds with designer linens, and en-suite bathrooms with walk-in showers and/soaking tubs, plush towels, and organic bath products. Modern amenities include flat-screen televisions, telephones, coffee makers, minibars, laundry services and complimentary wireless Internet.

Hotel Rangá offers 24 standard guest rooms that are 18 square meters in size and boast views of either the East Rangá River or the famous volcano Mt. Hekla. Six of the guest rooms feature queen-size beds with designer linens, and 18 guest rooms have twin beds that can be converted into doubles if required.

Hotel Rangá has 20 deluxe rooms that are 26 square meters in size and offer higher levels of comfort and luxury that the standard guest rooms. Seventeen elegant rooms have king-size beds, while three of the bedrooms have twin beds that can be converted into doubles if required. Deluxe rooms have beautiful views of the Mt. Hekla volcano or the East Rangá River.

Located on the second floor, luxury suites are unique, designed and decorated after the seven continents of the world. Providing guests with sanctuaries that are ‘worlds apart,’ suites range between 40 and 74 square meters and feature designer furnishings, original artworks, king-size beds with luxury linens and en-suite bathrooms with walk-in showers and Jacuzzi tubs. Junior suites are named after Asia, Australia, North America, and South America, while Master suites include Africa, Antarctica, and the Royal Suite, which boasts beautiful views of the East Rangá River and Mt. Hekla.

Boasting an elegant riverside setting that is the perfect spot for an exceptional dining experience, the Rangá Restaurant is one of Iceland’s leading gourmet destinations. Overlooking the East-Rangá River, one of Iceland's most beautiful salmon rivers, the restaurant serves a Nordic-inspired menu of innovative, sustainable and seasonal cuisine. The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and there is an elegant wine bar that serves an array of hand curated wines from around the world.

In addition to the 51 luxuriously decorated guest rooms and suites, Hotel Rangá also features an acclaimed fine dining restaurant with riverside views, an elegant lounge and bar, modern meeting and function facilities, a games room and massage and spa services. The hotel has three outdoor hot tubs with geothermal water and fantastic views, particularly of the Northern Lights during September through April. It also has a first-class observatory for stargazing.

Hotel Rangá is ideally located for exploring and experiencing all the best that South Iceland has to offer, ranging from well-known attractions such as the Northern Lights, the Golden Circle and the Glacier Lagoon to adventures and activities, such as hiking, glacier hiking, horseback riding, and ice-fishing.

Hotel Rangá offers the perfect setting for weddings, honeymoons, anniversaries, birthday celebrations and other events, along with specialized services such as wedding and reception planning, catering services, and more. The hotel is perfectly located for beautiful photographic opportunities, as well as exploring all that attractions and activities have to offer.

Hotel Rangá is ideally located to explore the Icelandic highlands and the magnificent natural scenery, which includes black sand beaches and fishing villages, glaciers and volcanoes, majestic waterfalls and hot springs, historical places, cultural centers and nature preserves. Notable attractions include the Northern Lights, the Glacier Lagoon, and the nearby Eyjafjallajökull.

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Hotel Rangá - 851 - South Iceland, Phone: 354-487-5700,

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