With everything becoming more expensive, honeymoons are no different. Of course, that doesn’t stop couples from going all out on a special moment that happens once in their lifetime. But a bit of knowledge on how much an average honeymoon costs can go a long way in making sure you can strike a balance between having the best honeymoon and avoiding unnecessary expenses. So it might be a good idea to read through this before you make any plans.

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What’s the average cost of a honeymoon?

The truth is that honeymoons cost differently across the world, which means that getting a fixed price for each one can be difficult. It has been estimated, however, that the average couple would spend about $4,000 to $5,000 for their honeymoon. These numbers roughly amount to 14% at most to the overall cost of their wedding.

Unfortunately, the above actual cost doesn’t always fit squarely with what couples expect. Most couples would have smaller budgets (even though they end up spending more in the end) while others don’t have budgets at all. When you’re so excited about this experience that will only happen once, why hold back on spending? These moments, after all, are priceless.

But to defer the costs, however, some couples are taking up honeymoon registries. It’s a trend where they can crowdsource funding for their honeymoon while eliminating redundant and unnecessary cliché wedding presents like blenders.

How long does the average honeymoon last?

Honeymoons usually last between seven (7) to nine (9) days. The actual number of days is affected by where you plan to go and what your itinerary is, since some activities require more time than others. It wouldn’t make sense for couples to cut their travels short just because of a strict time frame.

In any case, the number of days you will be spending your honeymoon will also greatly affect its overall cost. More days means more nights at the hotel, more meals, and definitely more shopping and sightseeing.

When should you start planning your honeymoon?

Chances are you’ve probably spent more time making plans for your wedding than your honeymoon. And rightfully so, as the wedding is obviously the more tasking and more important event to prepare for! But if you really want to give time for planning your honeymoon, you’ll want to get things started about six months prior the wedding date. It obviously can’t be after the wedding because that would be the honeymoon already. Having advanced plans for honeymoons allows you to not only go through your options but to allow guests more time to respond to your honeymoon registry. Plus, you can make lots of reservations early, which means lower costs overall.

What should be considered in planning the honeymoon?

There are a couple of things:

- Tradition: This isn’t usually a big deal for couples anymore but some family members from the older generation might have customs like who should pay for the whole thing. This may or may not be used by the couple to their advantage, depending on their circumstances. After all, if you’re setting up a honeymoon registry, why would you say no to in-laws having to foot the entire bill? On the other hand, this might mean that the family would be able to dictate where you can go on your honeymoon, which may not always end well.

- Getting help vs. DIY: A travel agency will definitely get you the best options possible, simply because these guys know more. It might seem a little more expensive, but you can’t buy the peace of mind you get knowing that everything is laid out for you. So unless you have a perfectly planned itinerary for your honeymoon, you’re better off leaving this to the experts.

- Proper timing: Like most trips, it goes without saying that peak seasons entail more costs. This doesn’t mean, however, that taking the off-season is always the best choice. After all, there’s a reason why most people go to certain places at a given time of year (i.e. annual festivals, events, seasonal opportunities, etc.). But taking the off peak season will give you and your significant other a bit more privacy no matter where you go.

- Packages: If you’re working with a travel agent, chances are you’ll be offered travel packages that cover everything. In these situations, you’re more likely to save more.

- Going hipster: You’ll definitely save more on your honeymoon if you take on the less popular destinations. There are so many beautiful spots that are off the beaten path which will make you proud that your honeymoon is like no other. Tip: You can also get cheaper flights if you fly into less popular airports. The fact that you’ll have to take a detour to get to your main destination also makes for a great adventure.

What is a Buddy-Moon?

As the name suggests, it’s a honeymoon where you bring buddies along. It might seem like an awkward thing at first, but you might think differently if you know how so many couples and even celebrities do this as well. You can save more on expenses if you spend your honeymoon with friends or, even better, other honeymooning couples as well. Plus, if you’re going for something unique, having a few friends along will definitely make the experience more memorable.

What about a Mini-Moon?

Think of it as an abbreviated version of a honeymoon. Some couples do this maybe because of budget constraints or that they simply can’t be away for too long at the time. This doesn’t mean that the honeymoon is less special. It’s just more practical, which might be what you’re going for.

Keeping within the budget is important, but don’t forget to have fun. In the end, what’s important is that you, as a couple, agree on what you ought to do after your wedding. By planning everything together, you’ll both enjoy the whole experience and make better memories together.