We all want to keep our hair healthy and beautiful. Your hair is the first thing many people notice about you, after all, so it makes a lot of sense that so many of us put a lot of time and effort into getting our hair styled, cut, coloured, and more.

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More and more people, however, are starting to think about the products, treatments, and services they use on their hair. We all want to get the best treatment and the most satisfying results, but at what cost?

The truth is that many hair products contain damaging ingredients that can actually harm the hair in the long-term. Not only that, but a lot of hair products are also tested on animals, with a lot of cruelty going into their production, and some even contain animal derivatives, making them completely unsuitable for vegans.

Trying to find hair care and salons that really care about these issues and make positive, active efforts to offer the best services without any compromises can be difficult, but these kinds of salons do exist. One of the best hair care salons in London, for example, is Glasshouse Salon.

All About Glasshouse Salon

Located in East London, Glasshouse Salon is a highly rated hair salon specializing in contemporary styles and colours, and with a big focus on making use of Organic Colour Systems and cruelty free products, ensuring that the services and treatments you receive here will not only be effective and professional, but also kind to your hair, animals, and the environment.

- Professional Quality - Every hair salon truly lives or dies by the results it provides. Many people fear trying out a new salon out of worry that they might not be happy with the results, but no concern is needed when booking an appointment at this premium London salon. Glasshouse Salon only works with highly trained, passionate, experienced stylists and makes use of the best products from leading brands to provide top quality results every time.

- Exceptional Service - Service is a big part of any hair salon and can make or break your experience while getting your hair cut, styled, or coloured. Fortunately, the service at Glasshouse Salon is truly exceptional. From the standard stylists all the way up to the senior members of staff, everyone here greets you warmly and with a smile. Every customer is treated with the same appreciation and respect, and the staff are always very willing and eager to listen to your views, answer your questions, and provide the service you desire.

- Safe, Organic, Eco-Friendly - A big issue with many hair salons is that they make use of hair products which can contain all kinds of chemical ingredients which may do damage to your hair in the long term. These products are also often tested on animals and sometimes produced with ingredients derived from animals. In short, these products are completely incompatible with any kind of eco-friendly, natural, organic, or vegan lifestyle. At Glasshouse Salon, however, only Organic Colour Systems and cruelty-free products are used, so this is the perfect London salon for vegans and people who only want to make use of more natural and purer products.

Glasshouse Salon is leading the way and setting an excellent example for other London hair salons to start following. More and more people are tired of using chemical-laden products on their hair, and we’re seeing a greater number of people also choosing to abstain from animal tested or derived products too.

Glasshouse Salon is proving that these kinds of products simply aren’t necessary in order to provide amazing hair styles and great results. See below to learn about booking your organic hair appointment with this top-rated London salon.

Visiting Glasshouse Salon - Best Organic Hair Care in London

Now that we've seen what Glasshouse Salon has to offer, let's take a look at how you can book your visit and start seeing the benefits of this super salon today:

- Location - Glasshouse Salon is located at Netil House,1 Westgate St. London, E8 3RL.

- Contact - For booking appointments or contacting the salon, you can either stop by in person or get in touch with phone at 020 3095 9783 or email at info@glasshousesalon.co.uk. Appointments can be booked with ease online.

- Hours - The salon is open every day from Tuesdays through to Sundays. Opening hours vary from one day to the next, but the salon is typically open from mid-late morning through to the early evening.

- Prices - Prices at Glasshouse Salon will depend on the service and style you're looking for. A simply cut and blow dry with a stylist can start for less than £60, while colouring begins at just £60 for tints, going up to £100+ for highlights.

Shop for Organic Hair and Beauty Products Online with Glasshouse Salon

Glasshouse Salon also runs the online 'Glasshouse Shop', which is a super way to purchase organic, natural hair and beauty care products and have them delivered right to your door. You'll find a great range of products online at the Glasshouse Shop, all made with plenty of natural, gentle ingredients to provide the best results and be truly safe and kind to your skin.

Glasshouse only works with trusted, green brands like RMS Beauty, Honest Skincare, and Guy Morgan Apothecary. So if you’re on the lookout for some safe, organic products to add to your own skincare and beauty routines at home, the Glasshouse Shop is a great online store to check out. website