The many inventions and innovations of mankind might have become the key focus of modern society, but it's important to never overlook or underestimate the power of nature as well.

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The Earth has given us a bounty of gifts and tools to improve and enhance our daily lives in a multitude of ways, and we can look back thousands of years through history to see the countless ways different civilizations and societies have taken advantage of the gifts of nature to live happier, healthier, better lives.

Crystals are a perfect example, with the healing powers of Crystal Energy having been appreciated, studied, and utilized by people as far back as the days of Ancient Greece and Ancient China.

Simply holding a crystal or having crystals present in the home can provide miraculous benefits and positive energy, but the best way to truly make the most of Crystal Energy is through the use of crystal elixirs, and if you wish to start enjoying these amazing benefits today, Glacce is the company you need to turn to.

Crystal Energy and Crystal Elixirs with Glacce

The people behind glass aren't just big believes in the positive effects of Crystal Energy; they've felt those effects firsthand and want to pass them on to as many people as possible. They understand that each and every crystal contains a pure and powerful form of energy, with each one having its own frequency that can help to heal various ailments and provide desirable effects for a person's mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

They know that crystals are gifts from the planet to be used and appreciated each and every day, and that's why they provide a great range of bottles and straws with different crystals like amethyst, quartz, and obsidian, all designed to allow you to enjoy the miraculous healing properties of crystal elixirs in your daily life.

The Glacce Story

Glacce, like so many innovative and pioneering companies, was created by a pair of best friends with a shared passion and a dream of changing the world. Sharon Leslie and Julia Schoen are a pair of New Orleans natives who have been close companions from a very early age and were also both introduced to the healing, soothing, almost otherworldly powers of crystals and crystal elixirs during their childhood.

They both shared a major interest in crystals, which was nurtured lovingly by their fathers, who worked in separate fields but both appreciated the power, both spiritual and scientific, of crystals.

As New Orleans citizens, Sharon and Julia were sadly affected by the terrible effects of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, but they decided to shine some light from out of that darkness and share their passion and discoveries with the world, bringing the loving and positive powers of crystal healing to a much wider audience. Thus, they came up with the idea for Glacce.

Shop for Crystal Elixirs with Glacce

Glacce offers a small but carefully selected and highly effective selection of crystal straws and bottles to let you enjoy crystal elixirs each day. The crystal straw collection from glass includes the following products:

-Clear Quartz Glacce Straw

-Rose Quartz Glacce Straw

-Amethyst Glacce Straw

Meanwhile, the crystal bottle options include the following:

-Amethyst Glacce Bottle

-Black Obsidian Glacce Bottle

-Rose Quartz Glacce Bottle

-Clear Quartz Glacce Bottle

-Smoky Quartz Glacce Bottle

There are also ‘Perfectly Imperfect Crystal Glacce Bottles’ which feature crystals formed in a slightly irregular shape or style but still able to provide the same amazing benefits.

The Benefits of Crystal Elixirs

So why would you want to drink crystal elixirs? What effect can these miraculous remedies have on your life? Well, the benefits of each elixir will vary depending on the crystal used. Each form of crystal is unique, and the healing properties of clear quartz, for example, will be different to the properties of amethyst. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of crystal elixirs:

-Crystal elixirs have been used for their healing properties for thousands of years, dating all the way back to ancient civilizations. They are renowned for their power to transmit positive energy.

-A Clear Quartz Crystal Elixir is known for providing clarity and powerful healing.

-A Rose Quartz Crystal Elixir is able to improve communication abilities and awareness, allowing people to forgive others, let things go, and de-stress.

-An Amethyst Crystal Elixir can provide inner peace and boost creativity. This is the elixir to use when you're in need of a breath of fresh air and a new approach to life.

-A Smoky Quartz elixir is ideal for people who are getting too carried away with work or other occupations and need some soothing, calming relaxation.

-A Black Obsidian Crystal Elixir can offer a boost of confidence and inner strength when you need it most. website