Despite not being as large or internationally famous as JFK airport, La Guardia is still one of the most impressive and airport airports in New York City and the entire United States. It's the third busiest airport in the Big Apple and the twentieth busiest in the US overall, but is actually favored by many New York travelers due to the fact that it tends to be quieter and more convenient in many ways than JFK, with the latter serving close to 60 million passengers each year while the former serves less than 30 million, effectively making it half as crowded.

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Located in the New York City borough of Queens on the waterfront of Flushing and Bowery Bays, La Guardia Airport runs countless domestic flights all around the US, serving cities like Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, Dallas, Boston, and many more. It's a great airport to use and there are actually many different methods of transportation available for people looking to get to La Guardia airport. With Metropolitan Transportation Authority buses and trains, as well as famous New York City taxis, Uber, rental cars, shuttles, and more, there are many different ways to get to La Guardia.

Taxis to La Guardia NYC

The taxi is the emblematic mode of transport for New York City and one of the best ways to get almost anywhere in town, including La Guardia airport. If you're looking for a convenient and reasonably-priced option to get to La Guardia, this is the way to go. Taxis can be found all around New York, with veritable fleets of the iconic yellow cars serving the entire city.

All you have to do is flag down a cab and pay for the trip. Remember that taxis can only hold a maximum of four people each, so bear this in mind depending on the size of your group. The fare will depend on where you start your journey and how long it takes. Traveling during busy hours can have a huge impact on the cost as you and your taxi driver will have to wait around in traffic on the way to La Guardia airport.

Uber and Other Apps for La Guardia NYC

As well as taxis, we all now have the option to hitch a ride with random people through apps like Lyft and Uber. This is another great option for people looking to get to La Guardia airport without too much trouble. Since New York is such a highly populous and busy city, there are countless Uber drivers waiting around for their next fare who will be more than happy to zip you across to La Guardia. These apps are often cheaper to use than taxis and other services, so they're a good choice for people who want to get to La Guardia airport cheaply.

Buses and Shuttles to La Guardia Airport

Various private shuttle companies can be found around New York City offering quick and easy transportation from airports like La Guardia into Manhattan. Companies like Go Airlink NYC and Super Shuttle run these services for low costs on a highly regular timetable, so you’ll never have to wait too long for the next shuttle to set off.

The New York City Express Bus service also runs routes to and from La Guardia airport, so buses represent another smart option for people getting to La Guardia airport. Usual pick-up stops include Grand Central Station and the Port Authority Bus Terminal. Buses are a very cheap option and La Guardia is not served by any subway stations, so they’re the best choice for people who want to rely on public transport without having to pay a high fee.

Car Rentals and Driving to La Guardia Airport

Many different car rental companies can be found all throughout Manhattan, including the usual big names like Avis, Thrifty, Enterprise, Budget, Hertz, and more. Car rental companies can also be found at La Guardia airport too for you to drop off your vehicle when you arrive. This is a convenient option as you can rent a car to suit your group and ensure that you have enough space for luggage, as well as not having to rely on someone else to get you to the airport.

Driving in New York City isn't for the faint of heart due to the busy streets and intense metropolitan atmosphere, but if you don't mind driving in the Big Apple, follow the Midtown Tunnel to the Long Island Expressway and eventually the Brooklyn Queens Expressway. La Guardia airport will be signposted from there and is relatively easy to find, with both long and short-term parking options.