We all need to enjoy a little sweet treat from time to time. Over the years, the media has made many people scared of sugar and desserts, but the truth is that we do all need to have the right amount of sugar in our diets each day. Sugar provides energy and sweet treats can trigger the release of mood-boosting chemicals in the brain, so desserts and delights are more than justified, but it’s vital to choose the right options.

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A lot of the popular sweet treats you see on store shelves are made in some pretty unscrupulous ways. Lots of fake flavorings, additives, preservatives, GMOs, and all sorts of other potentially harmful ingredients are added in. Ice cream is a great example, with many of the biggest brands making use of long lists of strange ingredients and chemicals that add calories and make these products much more harmful to our bodies.

Ice cream is one of the most popular treats out there, beloved by all ages, but eating most ice creams usually results in zero health benefits and a whole lot of calories and sugar. Plus, lots of people are unable to properly digest dairy products and have to abstain from ice cream for health or personal reasons. These people deserve a healthy, delicious alternative. The whole world needs a better alternative to sugar and additive-laden ice creams. The name of that alternative is Frönen.

Frönen - Delicious Dairy-Free Ice Cream

Frönen is the brand name for a great range of delicious, low calorie, natural ice creams. Made with only a small list of ingredients and available in several great flavors, Frönen is changing the game for ice cream lovers everywhere and setting a new standard for dairy free products.

- A Great Story - Frönen was actually founded by someone with a very real understanding of the importance of dairy-free products. At the age of just 13, Jessy, co-founder of Frönen, was diagnosed with celiac disease and immediately placed on a gluten-free and dairy-free diet. Like many kids, she'd grown up loving ice cream and started searching around for a dairy free alternative to match up with her new lifestyle. All the options disappointed her; most were filled with fake ingredients and artificial flavorings, while the more natural alternatives just didn't have the same flavor and taste she decided. Eventually, through a chance meeting with fellow Frönen co-founder Erik, Jessy learned about ways to create dairy-free ice cream and got to work on forming the perfect recipes.

- Dairy Free And Paleo Ice Cream - Frönen is a totally dairy free ice cream, so anyone who is restricted, either for health reasons or personal choice, to not eat dairy products can enjoy Frönen ice cream without any issues. This is perfect for vegans and dairy-free diet followers, as well as those following the Paleo diet too, as Frönen is made from only natural ingredients every time. You won't find any gums, stabilizers, or flavorings in Frönen products. The typical ingredients used by this brand include Coconut Cream, Banana, Cocoa Powder, and a little Honey for natural sweetness. All of the ingredients are chosen with care in order to provide health benefits and rich flavors.

- Compared To The Competition - When you look at the nutritional information and ingredient list for a typical pint of Frönen ice cream when compared to the competition, it makes for some very interesting reading. For example, Frönen has far less calories and sugar content than an equivalent from big ice cream brands like Ben & Jerry's. Frönen also has far less fat and fewer carbs than most of the big brands, and this is one of the few ice cream brands to use honey as a totally natural sweetener, rather than making use of syrups, liquid sugars, and other refined sugars instead. In short, Frönen beats out the competition in every category, while also having the same great flavors.

- Healthy Ice Cream - The idea of a healthy ice cream might sound strange, as we’ve all been brought up in a world where, for so long, ice cream was synonymous with sugar, flavorings, additives, and huge calorie counts. The truth is, however, that Frönen actually can make a real claim of being a truly healthy ice cream, and this is all down to the ingredients used in each pint. The honey, for example, which is used to sweeten Frönen offers a lot of health benefits and works as an antisecptic and digestive aid. Ingredients like fresh bananas and strawberries provide lots of minerals and vitamins, while the likes of cinnamon and cocoa powder are filled with antioxidants to fight back against the signs of ageing and improve skin, hair, and bone health.

Unbelievably delicious and good for you too, Frönen really is a dream come true. For anyone looking for a dairy-free ice cream with bold flavors and natural ingredients, this is the perfect option, and once you try a single spoonful, you'll never want to go back to any other brand. When compared to the competition, Frönen comes out on top time and time again. It has a low-calorie count, all-natural ingredients, and bold flavors too.

In short, if you want to enjoy ice cream without any guilt or compromises, Frönen is the brand to choose. Frönen can be purchased with ease in many stores, and it can also be ordered online and delivered right to your door. Order today and see why these amazing ice creams are turning so many people away from the classic big brands. website