One of the wonders of modern technology and the internet in particular is how it is making every aspect of our daily lives so much simpler, quicker, and more convenient. Modern lifestyles can be quite hectic and busy, leaving people with small amounts of free time to really enjoy themselves and have fun, so it's vital to take advantage of time-saving options wherever possible.

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This is especially true when it comes to food; it can be wonderful to cook up a meal at home, but it can also be very time-consuming and there are many days when it's just not possible. However, instead of simply ordering some fast food or unhealthy treats, what if you could have the joyful deliciousness of a freshly-cooked restaurant meal delivered right to your door? Enter Foodora.

What is Foodora?

We're seeing a lot of food delivery start-ups and brands popping up all around the world in recent years, but many of them are focused on the delivery of fast food junk like burgers and fries. Not only that, but many of them also involve environmentally-unfriendly means of transport like cars and vans. Foodora is different. This food delivery service, which is available in over 20 different countries already, has two major advantages to mention: food quality and eco-friendly delivery. Let’s take a look at each of those major advantages in detail.

Food Delivered by Foodora

Foodora currently has connections with more than 36,000 separate restaurants all around the world. From Toronto in Canada to Chittagong in Bangladesh, with the likes of Rome in Italy and Berlin in Germany also on the long list of cities served, Foodora is making all the right moves on a global scale, connecting with top quality restaurants and chefs that provide authentic, high quality meals at great prices. The idea behind Foodora was to create a food delivery service that differed from the rest, bringing good food to people when they need it. That was the initial mission of Foodora and the company is massively succeeding so far.

But the benefits of this company don't stop there. Foodora doesn't just contact restaurants and offer their food for delivery; it goes one step further. The workers at Foodora will actually communicate directly with cooks and chefs, all around the world, in order to determine the best menus and options to share with Foodora customers. Foodora aims to provide maximum customer satisfaction every single time, and that's why when you order with Foodora, you'll be getting a carefully-selected array of dishes and treats that work perfectly with this kind of delivery service.

Foodora Delivery System

The second major advantage of Foodora is its eco-friendly delivery system. This service actually relies on cyclists to get the food from point A to point B. Food is stored securely and safely at all times to keep the heat and flavors locked in at all times, but instead of being thrown in the back of a car or carried on a pollution-causing motorbike, the food is transported the old-fashioned way. Foodora's delivery cyclists give you the great food you need while also offering that special peace of mind that comes from knowing your meal was delivered in a way that didn't do a single bit of harm to the environment.

Especially in modern times, it's more important than ever for everyone to make efforts and do what they can to help save the planet, so this is just one way you can enjoy a modern luxury like food delivery, without any downsides. Not only that, but the food tastes great when it arrives and the use of cyclists can actually speed up delivery as the deliverymen and women don’t have to worry as much about getting stuck in traffic.

Where Can You Get Foodora?

Foodora is an evolving, growing company with an ever-expanding network of locations. Right now, Foodora can be enjoyed in the following countries:

· Austria

· Canada

· Finland

· France

· Germany

· Italy

· The Netherlands

· Norway

· Sweden

· Pakistan

· Singapore

· Malaysia

· Bangladesh

· Thailand

· Hong Kong

· Taiwan

· Philippines

· Bulgaria

· Romania

How Do I Order with Foodora?

Ordering food with Foodora is extremely simple and the whole process can be completed within just a few minutes. All you need to do is use your smartphone or PC to check out the various meals and options available in your city. When you’ve selected some food that sounds good, you can add it to your menu and choose a delivery time. Delivery is able with Foodora throughout the day, so it doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to buy a lunchtime snack or a late-evening meal, you’ll be able to get what you need with this service. From there, you simply input your address and confirm the order. Foodora will do the rest, letting you sit back, relax, and wait for your tasty meal to arrive. website