Facebook had recently added games to its Messenger app, pretty much guaranteeing that people will keep their eyes on it even when they’re not chatting with anyone. Starting out with 17 games back in November 2016, they’ve come a long way with making games an integral function of the Messenger app, with as much as 70 games now and counting.

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The games are pretty interesting too. From the nostalgia inducing classics like Tetris and Galaga to other casual game types of this generation, there’s definitely a lot to choose from and anyone can pretty much find a game that will keep them interested for a while.

How to Play the Games

You just need to open a conversation (as if you were to chat with someone). Below, you’ll find an icon that looks like a game controller. In case you don’t see it, there would be a three-button icon that you can press that would give you access to more options, which would have the game controller as one of them. From there, just scroll down and play the games you want. Alternatively you can check out the list below and try those games instead.

Aside from playing these games, you can also set up a live stream of what you’re playing and put it up on Facebook live. You can also challenge other friends to certain games. Facebook is also currently working on a feature that would allow people to play with each other over video chat.

There are a lot of games to choose from so you’re going to want to take you time going through each of them. Here’s a list of the best ones selected for you to help narrow down your search. You might even find some of them to be familiar, and that would be a good game to start with.

Tetris: Anyone who’s played this 80’s game as a child will find hours of entertainment with this classic. The tile-matching game is as what you expect it to be, only now it’s accessible from your own phone via FB Messenger.

Star Wars: Porg Invasion: Porgs are those owl-like creatures that appeared in the movie The Last Jedi. In this game, you try to help BB-8 chase away these critters before they overrun the Millenium Falcon.

Galaga: Here’s another classic, and it’s well recreated in Messenger too! Shoot the aliens before they dive-bomb to your side of the screen and rack up a high score. The controls are pretty smooth since you’ll just be swiping with your finger.

Pac-Man: Yet another 90’s classic. This Bandi Namco original will have you running around the maze collecting pellets like you did back when you were a kid. The touch screen controls will take a bit of getting used to though.

Space Invaders: Arcade lovers really did love their aliens back in the day. Now it’s on Messenger. This Taito classic blends really well with the simple controls and looks quite inviting with the nostalgic design.

Words with Friends: Frenzy: This one’s for those who love those word games, but with a twist, since you get to compete with friends. The challenge is to spell out as many words as you can before the tiles fill up your rack.

Blackjack: A classic for those who love electronic casino games, BlackJack is a great game to play with other players through tournament mode. You can play it on your own as well.

Daily Sudoku: Choose between easy, intermediate, and hard puzzles and burn your spare time with this mind-challenging classic. The puzzle is easy to do now that you just have to tap the boxes and pick the number you want to input in order to fill in the squares.

Track & Field 100M: This one brings back a lot of memories, but some players have mixed feelings about it being on Messenger. In any case, you just need to tap on your screen to get your running to the finish line, which could be appealing for those who love heavy tapping games.

Hex FRVR: This of this one as tetris, only it takes place on a hexagon and involves multicolored smaller hexagons that need to be filled into a row to make them disappear. It’s a little challenging if you’re not and does add a bit of a twist to the old Tetris genre.

Golden Boot: The concept is quite simple: just kick the ball and get it past the goalkeeper. You get to curve your shot and do other tricks with the touchscreen, so it does have a bit of challenge in it.

Zookeeper: Like matching games? Then this one should come naturally to you. Just match three or more animals of the same kind to clear them and watch as more animals take their place.

Battleship: This one used to be a classic board game, but now it’s on Messenger. This turn-based game can be a lot of fun, although you might have to get used to the tiny grid that your screen has to offer.

Cookie Crush: This might just be another Candy Crush rip-off to you, but you have to admit that it’s a lot of fun. It’ll make a worthwhile pastime while it’s still not being removed for legal reasons, if at all.

Araknoid: Any 90’s kid will definitely recognize this arcade classic. The game is as it was before, although the controls on the screen leave a lot ot be appreciated.

Shuffle Cats Mini: This one’s a carnival-style shooting game that lets you flick cards at cat pictures as they glide by. Rack up bonus points by being consistent with your aim or hitting the cats farther up the rack.

By no means is this list exhaustive. Visit Facebook Messenger’s game list and take time to go through the list. You’ll definitely find one that will suit your taste. Meanwhile, you can try any of the ones here to save you the trouble. Make sure to invite your friends as well, it’s a lot more fun that way.