In any kind of business, competition is always rife and every company has to do whatever it can to stay ahead of the game and enjoy continued and consistent success. There are countless aspects that go into running an effective and efficient business, and events are a big part of any successful plan.

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Most Fortune 500 companies, for example, organize over a thousand events every single year. Events for your business can provide innumerable advantages including increased brand awareness, boosted sales, a broader network of contacts, and so much more. In this connected, digital age, organizing successful events and engaging with attendees in meaningful ways is, without a doubt, one of the finest ways you can strengthen your business.

However, actually organizing, managing, and planning out these events, for both small and large companies, can be a big challenge. Most small to medium companies are specialized in their own respective fields, but have little knowledge or experience with putting on effective events.

Even if you have a dedicated events team, this is taking up time, money, and resources that could be better spent elsewhere, and results aren't always guaranteed. For the best events and truly visible, tangible results for your business, you need to turn to the professionals, and DoubleDutch is the number one name to know.

DoubleDutch - Event Management Software and Apps

DoubleDutch is a leading provider of event managment and planning software and apps. Trusted and relied upon by many big and small businesses around the world, DoubleDutch's systems and software have helped to organize countless successful events over the years and have been highly ranked by customers and event planning experts alike.

Aimed at empowering your business and giving you the necessary tools and resources to start putting on memorable events that can make a difference and actually trigger positive movements for your entire brand. Here’s why so many people trust DoubleDutch and what this software can do for you:

- Engagement - A big part of modern life is the idea that people want to feel engaged with the brands around them. Brands and companies aren't just faceless entities anymore, they need to be personalities that people can feel connected too, and this is a big part of any event. In order to get attendees interested in your products and services, engagement needs to be a top concern. DoubleDutch provides this by creating custom event apps that are fun for attendees to use, encouraging them to download these apps and use them when attending and talking about your events. You can easily customize and adapt these apps to suit your business.

- Exceptional Security - Security is a huge part of any event and one of the key aspects that simply cannot be overlooked. When using DoubleDutch, you'll get all of the security support and services you need, from secure payments for attendees to buy event tickets to round-the-clock customer support to handle and solve any problems you may encounter along the way. DoubleDutch offers secure apps and software, fully certified underthe Privacy Shield Framework to ensure that all of your data is encrypted and protected. All of these apps and software solutions are GDPR compliant and all data is deleted upon request.

- Flexible Scaling - DoubleDutch understands that every business is different, with their own needs, budgets, and resources. The average event held by a Fortune 500 company isn't going to be quite the same as an event being held by a small, independent, emerging brand, for example, so you need software that can scale and adapt to your needs. With DoubleDutch, all software solutions are highly scaleable, letting you design, plan, and manage the events you want. Focused on increasing attendee engagement and providing real results that have a positive effect on your business, DoubleDutch offers the very best event planning systems and tools.

- Total Customization - A key aspect of all DoubleDutch services and event solutions for businesses is the concept that every event is unique and needs to be original to engage attendees. At DoubleDutch, each event is treated like the beginning of a movement, the catalyst or spark to trigger something bigger and brighter for your business. This is why all apps and software from DoubleDutch are designed to be highly customizable. You can add your own branding and logos to everything, get your own branded URLs for event signups, make apps that are entirely associated with your company, and make use of the intuitive, seamless developer platform to customize your event in ways you never would have imagined.

DoubleDutch is quite simply a must-have software solution for any company. The event management platform is a joy to use, letting you plan out the perfect events and enjoy total customization, with additional solutions letting you make event apps for management and engagement purposes. Investing in efficient software like this can result in major dividends for your business, with past customers having nothing but great things to say about DoubleDutch. website