Having a family is the aim of almost everyone on Earth, but as many moms and dads will tell you, it can sometimes feel like a full-time job. Trying to juggle family life and all of its appointment, engagements, schedules, and timetables, while also finding time for work, social lives, hobbies, and more can be a huge challenge, but Cozi is there to change all of that.

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Launched back in 2005 by a group of former Microsoft and Amazon workers who understand the intricacies of hectic modern lifestyles better than anyone else, Cozi is the best family organizer app you can find, having won multiple awards for its ease of use, exceptional functionality, and smart, simplistic tools to make your daily life so much easier.

Used by more than 20 million people and rated as one of the best family management apps in the world by leading experts and casual users alike, Cozi aims to make your daily life so much easier, helping you to stay on track, keep up with your busy schedules, and have more free time to actually enjoy with your family, rather than worrying about all the different tasks and chores you still need to do.

What's more, Cozi is totally free and very easy to use, so you don't need to pay a penny or be a tech addict to get the most of this amazing app. Whether you need to keep better track of your grocery lists, plan out your meals, make a 'to do' list, or organize a daily agenda to have all your appointments and events in one simple place, Cozi can make it happen.

Cozi Features

Cozi offers a great range of features to make family life seem so much more manageable and organized. It's also worth noting that this app is fully flexible and available on almost any device you can think of. Whether you're using a smartphone, a tablet, a Windows phone, an Apple device like an iPhone, or even just a laptop or PC, you can download and run Cozi, and the best part of all is that other family members can also download the app and synchronize their systems with yours, letting everyone see the same schedule and keep up to date with the latest agendas, to do lists, and more. Now let’s take a closer look at some of the key features of Cozi.

Family Calendar with Cozi

The family calendar is one of the most popular and commonly used features of the Cozi family organizer app. As the name implies, this feature lets you organize a calendar, which can be shared and seen by all members of the family, with all of your various key dates and schedules.

Whether you're talking about the kids' soccer practice or an upcoming night out with work colleagues, it can all be noted down on the family calendar, letting everyone see exactly what's happening on any given day and giving each family member a space to make their arrangements and let people know what they're doing and where they're going to be.

To Do Lists with Cozi

A big part of any mom or dad's life is writing up to do lists and gradually checking off each and every item as it gets completed, but pen and paper methods are tiresome and outdated. Every parent knows that family life is always changing, with new things to do appearing every minute, so classic post-it to do lists are just a waste of time. Instead, the Cozi to do lists make everything so much easier.

These easily customizable lists have the advantage of being totally digital, so you can never lose track of them and have the useful ability to share them with other family members whenever you like. You can also add or remove tasks whenever you like, and you can write up as many lists as you want. Whether it's a simply daily to do list or a list of things to pack for your next vacation, Cozi can make it happen.

Shopping Lists with Cozi

Sticking with the list theme, Cozi also makes it so much easier to do your shopping. Isn't it tiring to write out your full shopping list each week? Those little scraps of paper can find their way into all sorts of places and easily get lost, forcing you to rewrite the same things again and again. With Cozi, you'll save so much time.

The Cozi shopping lists feature lets you make and save your lists on your computer or mobile device, reusing them again and again and editing them over time whenever you need to. You'll never have to worry about losing these lists and Cozi even features Alexa integration, letting you using an Amazon Echo or Alexa device to add items to your lists as you like.

Dinner Planner and Recipes with Cozi

"What's for dinner?" must be the most-asked question in every family household, and it's a question that can be tricky to answer when you've had so much else to deal with in a typical day. Too often, families end up eating the same old meals or quick bites to save time, but with Cozi, you can start eating more healthily and enjoying quality meals and quality time with your family all over again.

The Cozi dinner planner and recipes features let you browse a huge range of high quality recipes. If you find one you like, you can instantly add the ingredients over to one of your shopping lists and start preparing a full weekly dinner plan for the family in a matter of seconds. The app even features a 'Cooking Mode' in which the screen will stay lit up at all times, letting you place the phone or tablet down in the kitchen and start cooking without needing to keep tapping your phone.

Family Journal with Cozi

Every mom and dad would love the opportunity to record all those precious moments and memories in a journal or scrapbook, but time just isn't on their side. There are so many other things to take care of, it can be impossible to find time to keep journals any more, meaning that precious memories can often be forgotten about.

With the family journal in the Cozi app, you can record and preserve magical memories whenever you want, quickly snapping photos and videos, as well as writing little messages to explain what happened. Just been on a nice trip to the beach? Take a photo and save the memory in Cozi. Your daughter just scored her first hockey goal? Record the moment and play it back again and again. website