A lot of us lead highly privileged lives compared to so many other people out there. Even when we think we’re having a bad day, we still have access to clean water, electricity, shelter, food, and other essentials that can easily be taken for granted but aren’t available to many people elsewhere in the world.

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Even in our own countries, there are people living in poverty, children struggling to get an education, people struggling with diseases and disabilities, animals being abandoned and harmed. In short, there are a lot of worthy causes out there, a lot of people and animals in need, and many of us have the power to help.

Some shops leave little charity boxes on the counter, so that whenever you’ve finished paying for your items, you can place the change in the box. It’s a simple way for people to make a little contribution to a good cause, as well as freeing themselves on needless change. But in a world dominated by card payments, these boxes are becoming increasingly unused. Enter Coin Up.

Coin Up - Donate to Charity App

Coin Up is an innovative app for making donations to charities and good causes wherever you go. Essentially, it works by taking the ‘spare change’ from your credit and debit card payments over the course of each month and donating them to a cause or causes of your choice. It’s a great little way to make donations to charity without even needing to sign up for anything, fill out any forms, become a member, or anything else.

- Make A Difference - The best thing about Coin Up is that you can make a genuine difference to the world, without even needing to change your daily habits. Whether you’re interested in funding research for a cure to cancer, helping to empower young girls in foreign lands, or helping animals that have been harmed and thrown out by their owners, Coin Up lets you make a contribution with every single purchase you make. It might only be a few cents each time, but those small amounts can really add up over the course of a month and have a very positive effect for people and animals in need.

- Simple and Effective - Many people want to make a difference and give something back to the world but donating to charities can sometimes be a little more complex than it needs to be. First, locating a charity you’d like to donate to can be a bit of a challenge, and then you have to think about different donation plans and memberships. Coin Up is super simple, downloading and installing quickly and easily on your device and then working automatically in the background, without you needing to worry about anything else. Plus, as the little bits of spare change start to add up over time, your donations can really have a positive and visible effect for your chosen causes.

- Any Cause You Like - Coin Up lets you search from a huge range of different causes to find the right one. Animal lovers, for example, might want to choose charities like The Bonobo Project or Animal Avengers to help furry friends in need. Those who want to make a difference to the poverty all around the world can choose charities like the Unstoppable Foundation and Heifer International. Those who want to honor veterans and members of the military can choose charities like Hire Heroes USA, while those interested in aiding impoverished children get an education can choose the Scholar's Hope Foundation. There’s a long list of charities and causes, so you’ll definitely find one to suit you.

Coin Up is such a smart and simple app to use, and it really can allow you to make a difference to the world around you in a positive way without even needing to make any kind of special effort. To get started, you can simply download the app onto your Android or iOS device. Next, upon opening the app, you'll be asked to choose the charity you'd like to support, and you can search through a huge range of local and international charities for countless causes.

After that, you'll be asked to choose which kind of donation you'd like to make. You can choose between the 'Round Up' system, in which the change from your credit/debit card transactions over the course of each month gets added up and given to the charity, or the 'Fixed Monthly' option, in which you set a donation limit.

Each month, there's a $5 minimum donation, but you don't have to pay this if you don't reach it via the usual 'Round Up' method. From there, all you need to do is link your card to the app and go about your regular life, making purchases as normal. Over time, you can check out the app each month to see how much you've donated and will also have the option to share with your friends and get more people donating too. website