For many people, travel is the very best thing in life. For these people, there’s something indescribably magical and endlessly appealing about leaving home behind for a little while and heading off to explore new places, meeting people, tasting things, trying new experiences, and really living life to the fullest.

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Many people simply couldn’t live without travel, and a big part of traveling is about making the most of every second and enjoying as many new and exciting experiences as possible, so why shouldn’t this extend to your accommodation, as well as the activities and excursions you enjoy each day?

On most trips and vacations, people spend a lot of their time in their accommodation, which can often be a simple, boring hotel or a private rental that doesn’t quite feel all that special or homely. Too often, travelers are forced to settle for second best in their accommodation, but BoutiqueHomes aims to change all of that.

BoutiqueHomes - Unique Vacation Rentals and Small Hotels

When planning any kind of trip away, choosing your accommodation is an essential part of the process. Choosing the right place to stay is very much one of the ‘make or break’ elements of any adventure, as the wrong choice can bring down the experience in so many ways, while the best hotels and vacation rentals can elevate your journey so intensely.

BoutiqueHomes aims to make the process of finding unique, beautiful, chic vacation rentals and small hotels much easier. Offering a flawlessly curated collection of gorgeous homes in locations all over the globe, each chosen with design, art, and beauty in mind, BoutiqueHomes can help you find the perfect ‘home away from home’ for your next trip.

- Unique Private Vacation Rentals - If you’re looking for somewhere truly unique to stay on your next vacation, whether you’re heading to the South of France or California, you’ll find it with BoutiqueHomes. This site provides instant access to a wonderful selection of visually stunning properties in prime locations, typically offering a lot of privacy and intimacy, as well as one of a kind design and artistic features and lots of nature all around. These properties are chosen for their inspirational qualities, with many artists, designers, and other creative minds choosing BoutiqueHomes to book their vacation rentals.

- Intimate Small Hotels - As well as private rental properties, BoutiqueHomes also offers a nice range of small hotels. Chosen for people who don’t mind bumping into a few other guests every now and then during their stay, these hotels adhere to the same principles and qualities of the rentals, prized for their architectural features and unique beauty, and are more accessible to those traveling on smaller budgets or without the need for larger spaces. All of these hotels are warm and welcoming locations, free of the typical commercial and business-like aspects found in many modern hotels around the world.

- Chosen By Design Lovers, For Design Lovers - BoutiqueHomes was founded by people who love style, design, and architecture, and the company's property choices reflect those aspects. When you look for vacation rentals with BoutiqueHomes, you'll find an astonishing and impressive array of gorgeous properties and architectural treasures quite unlike any other rental site. Leading designers and architects like Herbert Kreisler, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Benjamin Cox feature on the site, with BoutiqueHomes being aimed at like-minded people who appreciate these kinds of properties.

- So Many Options - Whether you're looking for a small and intimate hotel, an extra large private rental, a property surrounded by nature or a home with history and stories in its walls, you'll find it on BoutiqueHomes. The collection is carefully managed, with each property chosen on merit and beauty, but there's still a lot of choice here to suit all needs and budgets. From stunning beachfront homes to treehouses in misty forests or cozy cabins with mountain views, BoutiqueHomes has properties you’ll love in locations all over the globe from Indonesia to Iceland, France, the Caribbean, the United States, and more.

If you’re looking for luxury vacation rentals and properties that really speak to you on a different level to standard hotels and cookie cutter rentals, BoutiqueHomes is the place to be. These properties are unique, chic, and memorable in all the right ways, and staying in them is a truly magical experience for every traveler. Visit BoutiqueHomes today and browse the homes to find your next gem. website