After so many years of women being under-represented, overlooked, and ignored, things are finally starting to change. We’re living at important times for feminism and female empowerment, with recent movements and social changes helping women in a myriad of ways and finally addressing so many of the issues that had been ignored for so long. With rising female empowerment, brands, individuals, groups, and start-ups across a huge range of industries have started to put the spirit of sisterhood into their products, and Boss Dotty is a wonderful example of this.

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Boss Dotty - Female Focused Paper Goods

Boss Dotty is an independent, female-owned and operated paper goods company selling a range of cards, prints, and other little accessories with playful designs, mostly themed around ideas of female empowerment, feminism, and women's rights. The brand got started by Theresa Berens and was named after her own grandma, Dotty, whose creative spirit and independent nature helped to inspire her granddaughter all through life.

- Stylish and Colorful Cards - Boss Dotty excels at crafting stylish, colorful, eye-catching cards and designs that really stand out from the crowd. If you're sending a card to someone, you can really make it one to remember by choosing Boss Dotty. These designs leap off the page, typically featuring bold blends of reds, pinks, purples, greens, and blues. Each design is carefully crafted by Boss Dotty founder, Theresa Berens.

- High Quality Construction - The cards you buy from Boss Dotty are always made from 100% cotton paper and paired with high quality envelopes too. This brand is fully committed to quality, always going the extra mile and ensuring that its cards are of a superior standard to many of the alternatives you might find elsewhere. If you’re looking for top quality cards that feel premium in the hands and look better than the rest, Boss Dotty is the brand to choose.

- Female Friendly Designs - A big part of what makes Boss Dotty such a unique brand is that its card designs and other products are mostly made with women in mind. Typically designs include vintage bras, high heels, 'plant ladies', feminist tattoos, and bold slogans like 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fundamental Rights'. If you care about female empowerment and want to spread that spirit around with your friends, family members, colleagues, or other people in your life, Boss Dotty can provide you with a lot of different options.

- For A Good Cause - Not only is Boss Dotty making real, tangible contributions to the modern world and female empowerment causes through its playful and beautifully designed cards and prints, it even goes one step further through the 'Women for Women' collection. 10% of all sales from cards in this range go straight to organizations that support and care for women like the National Domestic Violence Hotline and RAINN.

- More Than Just Cards - Boss Dotty specializes in quality cards, but also offers a great range of additional products. Many of the most popular card designs are also available as high quality art prints to hang up around your own home and add a touch of female-powered color to your living space. Boss Dotty also creates a super selection of pins and stickers too, perfect for attaching to bags, laptops, cases, and other items you use each day, helping to express your unique personality and spread some female positivity to the people around you.

At a time when female empowerment has never been so important, Boss Dotty is offering a fun and playful take on modern feminism with these awesome cards and stylish accessories. To buy them for yourself or to give as gifts to others, shop online via the official Boss Dotty site, where you can find all the best and latest designs direct from Theresa Berens.

As a small business which takes the time to personally illustrate and craft every card, Boss Dotty can only send out shipments once or twice a week, so you'll have to wait a little longer than you might with a big name brand, but the quality and unique personality of these products is definitely worth the wait.

Boss Dotty will provide speedier service for urgent orders and is happy to offer wholesale prices to shops and other businesses as well. Check out the full site to learn more and sign up for the email newsletter, as well as staying up to date with Boss Dotty on popular social media channels like Facebook and Instagram. website