Yoga has been practiced for centuries in Eastern nations, long used to provide a sense of inner peace to its practitioners, helping them feel more in tune with the natural world and the people around them, while also providing deeply personal, spiritual benefits that can vary from one individual to the next.

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It's only in recent years that yoga has really taken off in the West as well, and despite this practice being thousands of years old, we're still learning more and more about it, and new ideas and innovations are being discovered by yoga pioneers all over the globe.

Statistics show that more and more people are engaging with yoga for many different reasons; some are searching for a physical fitness system they can rely on and enjoy, others wish to boost their own endurance and flexibility levels, others want to have less stress in their lives, and some just love the feelings of peace and contentment that only yoga can provide.

With rising interest and rising numbers of students comes a rising demand for teachers, and if you'd like to train as a yoga teacher with effective classes or simply immerse yourself in a yoga school that promotes harmony, self-care, wellness, and integration with the natural world and communities around us, Blissology Yoga is the name to choose.

Blissology Yoga - Yoga Teacher Training School

Founded back in 1999 by experienced yogi and surfer Eoin Finn, Blissology Yoga is a yoga system designed to provide that most elusive emotions: bliss. Built from the ground up and based on ancient wisdom and fundamental yoga philosophies, Blissology Yoga aims to help teachers and individuals lead happier and healthier lives with more love, happiness, and satisfaction, all obtained through the power of yoga.

To that end, Blissology Yoga offers yoga teacher training classes, yoga retreats, and other yoga-oriented services for its ever-growing community of teachers and students. Here's what Blissology Yoga can do for you:

- Yoga Teacher Training - Blissology Yoga specializes in yoga teacher training courses. Whether you're a seasoned yogi with a lot of expertise and experience behind you, a young yoga teacher looking to take your first steps into this exciting world, or simply a yoga enthusiast who wants to broaden their knowledge and understanding of what yoga is and the many benefits it can provide, Blissology Yoga's teacher training courses and classes can be perfect for you. The 100-hour course is the best place to start, with 200 hour and 500-hour options available for more intermediate and advanced yoga followers.

- In-Depth Yoga Classes - The yoga classes provided by Blissology Yoga really go deep into the past and the roots of yoga, looking at many different styles and branches of yoga from Ayurveda to Pranayama, as well as focusing on lots of individual specialist subjects like Somatics, Voicing, Chakras, Experiential Anatomy, Yoga for the Modern Era, Yoga Philosophy, Embodiment, Self-Care, and more. These classes aren’t just a brief rundown of the basiscs; they really provide detailed overviews and analysis of many different aspects of yoga, looking at this ancient art from multiple angles to provide you with thorough understanding.

- Yoga Retreats with Blissology - Blissology Yoga also provides yoga retreats to some of the most exotic and beautiful destinations in the world. Yoga can be enjoyed anywhere, but as any long-term practitioner will know, it tends to be much more effective when enjoyed in open-air environments and natural surroundings. The wonderful Blissology Yoga retreats take you off to incredible locations like Canggu in Indonesia, the snowy mountain town of Telluride in Colorado, and the inimitable ski resort destination of Whistler in Canada.

- Online Yoga Classes - As well as all the in-person yoga training classes and retreats, Blsssology also offers plenty of ways to enjoy yoga and yoga training online, wherever you like, whenever you like. Blissology Yoga videos and podcasts are available in various lengths and formats for all to enjoy via platforms like YouTube, iTunes, Soundcloud, and Vimeo. Many of these podcasts and videos are totally free, while others are available for small fees. These online yoga classes are a great option for aspiring teachers and yoga enthusiasts who want to express the benefits of Blissology Yoga but don’t necessarily have the time or budget to attend the classes or retreats.

Overall, Blissology Yoga offers everything you need to become a true yoga professional, trained in this ancient art and ready to not only enjoy all of its many benefits for yourself, but also to share them with as many people as possible. There’s nothing quite as rewarding or fulfilling in life than sharing joy and bliss with others, and that’s exactly what Blissology Yoga retreats and classes can provide. Take a look at the full calendar of classes and upcoming retreats today and sign up for some yoga education you’ll never forget. website