Traveling can be fun when you’ve got a good playlist with you to keep you company. Having a good selection of songs in your list can also help you come up with the perfect song to match to your vacation videos. But having a good set of songs and actually downloading them are two different things. You can’t just download the songs you like anywhere off the Internet.

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There are, however, a couple of websites that let you download songs not only for free but legally as well. These sites will have songs available in MP3 format, making them compatible with both your computer and your phone, among other sound devices. These songs are public domain as well, so it’s legal to download them. These sites don’t have exactly everything you’re looking for, but you might be surprised with what you can find.

After a long review of many sites, the list comes down to these.


Everything that you download off Jamendo is free thanks to Creative Commons licensing, which means that the artists have voluntarily given out their music for everyone online to have and enjoy. The site is a good place for you to discover new music, all of which can be categorized under the most popular, the most downloaded, and the favorites or the most played. There’s also a list of the latest releases and the ones picked by the editors themselves. If you like a particular artist, the list can be sorted by their names as well.

Jamendo also features radio channels if you’re up for discovering new sounds. You have the option to download songs by albums or artist. And if you’re not up for downloading anything, you can stream music off the site as well.

The app is available on the Android, Windows, and iOS platforms.


NoiseTrade has loads of free music by the album. They’re all compiled from the contributions of artists who wanted their work to be seen by other people, so if you’re into new music, you might discover a few gems here. It’s all for free, but you need to enter your email address and zip code for every album you want download and then you’re get each one as a ZIP file. All the files are in MP3 format, making compatibility no issue at all.

Want to find the more popular or new albums? You can see these categorized conveniently on the site’s homepage.

Another interesting thing about NoiseTrade is that they’ve got free eBooks and audiobooks for download. So, if you prefer to read or listen to discussions while you’re travelling, then this site might have some good stuff for you.

Free Music Archive

This is managed by a freeform radio station called WFMU and gets its collection via the public domain as well as the Creative Commons licenses. The best way to use the site is to simply browse the selection by genre. They also have a blog that highlights certain artists, collections, or songs. For those who want to know what’s in, there’s a list if chart toppers by the week, month, and all time.

You can also create an account with Free Music Archive so that you can create collections and even interact with other users. The best part is that it’s all for free.


Yet another music discovery site, PureVolume opens itself up to artists who want their songs to be available for download. The songs are conveniently categorized into top download, features music, by artist, most popular, and the newest.

The upside of using PureVolume is that you don’t need to make any account. You can go to their site and download songs right away.


In case you didn’t know, Amazon actually has a lot of free songs available for download, other than those that are for sale. It goes without saying that access to songs from their website is legit as well.

Like all other websites, you’ll find that the songs can be sorted by genre, popularity, and alphabetical order (title, album, or artist). You can even sort them by release date and duration. It’s as if you’re buying something from the online store, only that it’s for free!

You’ll also be happy to know that you can preview the songs before actually downloading them. When you’re sure about the songs you want to download, you can add each of them to the cart, just like you would checkout any product. After placing your order, you’ll be given the download links.

Internet Archive's Audio Library

Insofar as numbers are concerned, this one has millions of downloadable music, podcasts, audios, radio programs, and even live music. All of these can easily be sorted by creator, title, date published, and most views. A lot of great artists have their music here for download, such as Smashing Pumpkins, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, and so much more!

What makes this site stand out from the rest is that they offer the downloadable music in formats other than MP3, like OGG.


SoundClick is different in the sense that it functions more as a portal than a database of songs. It leads users to artists who have websites, allowing them to directly download content from there. Of course, these artists, both signed and unsigned, have allowed people to download their work for free.

Much like the others, SoundClick arranges their music according to genres and charts. You also get a chance to have a listen to the song before downloading it. The site also has special custom radio stations, a forum where listeners can interact as well as some information about the various artists that work with SoundClick.

However, unlike other sites, some of the artists featured on SoundClick will offer some of their work for sale or allow for free streaming only. Rest assured, there is a lot of good music here available for free download.

Make sure you visit some of these sites and fill up your playlist before you go on your next vacation!