The National Railroad Passenger Corporation, commonly known under its operational name of Amtrak, offers fast, reliable, intercity and interstate train travel all across North America. It serves over 500 different destinations spread out across 46 different states, as well as having stops in nine Canadian cities too, with over 300 Amtrak trains running on a daily basis.

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Many people make use of Amtrak services to visit friends or family, but Amtrak routes offer a lot of potential for day trips too. There are dozens of scenic and exciting day trips you can take all across America by making use of Amtrak, and these trips are perfect for groups of friends, families, couples, or individuals. Here are some of the most amazing Amtrak day trips you can take.

Amtrak Day Trip to The Adirondacks

Ranked by Amtrak itself as one of the most scenic and enjoyable day trips you can possibly hope to take, the Adirondacks day trip travels between New York City and Montreal. You'll see some extraordinary sights along the way, with some of the most beautiful river, forest, lake, and mountain scenes in the whole of America just waiting to greet you along the way. The most amazing thing about this Amtrak day trip is that you don’t even need to leave the train to have an amazing experience, as you’ll be able to admire and appreciate some truly awe-inspiring scenery from start to finish.

Amtrak Day Trip to New York City

One of the most famous cities on Earth, New York City is a must-visit location for pretty much every person on the planet. It's an amazing and entirely unique place, home to some of the best shopping, dining, sightseeing, and entertainment experiences on the planet. Whether you want to spend a day seeing the likes of Times Square and the Statue of Liberty or just roam around the streets doing some shopping, NYC is always an exciting place to be and Amtrak stops off at both Grand Central Terminal and Penn Station.

Amtrak Day Trip to New England/Boston

The Lake Shore Limited (Massachusetts Section) Amtrak runs between Chicago and Boston and offers passengers exclusive and exquisite glimpses of some of the most picturesque New England scenery they could ever hope to witness. You'll travel through the Berkshires and pass by a lot of lovely New England towns, and there are plenty of great stops to jump off at along the way. New England is such a historic and charming location and really deserves to be seen, and this is a great Amtrak to choose if you’d like to see a big city location like Boston too.

Amtrak Day Trip to Washington DC

If you'd like to take the Amtrak to Washington DC, the Capitol Limited is a good choice. This is an overnight train which runs on a daily basis and connects DC to Chicago. Like so many other Amtrak trains, this one passes by some amazing scenery along the way, including mountainous regions and forest landscapes through Maryland and West Virginia, as well as the Appalachian Mountains. Once you arrive in DC, you’ll be free to explore the capital city and see landmarks like the White House and the Lincoln Memorial, as well as exploring historic Georgetown.

Amtrak Day Trip to Montreal

It's important to remember that Amtrak isn't limited to the United States. This service also passes over the border up into Canada, so it's a great option for anyone wishing to visit a Canadian city, as well as for Canadian residents heading south. One of the best spots to visit in Canada via Amtrak is Montreal. A wonderful city with a personality all its own, Montreal is home to some super bars and restaurants, as well as exciting and vibrant annual festivals and celebrations.

Amtrak Day Trip to The Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains are some of the most impressive peaks in the entire world, and the California Zephyr train runs right past them on its way between Denver and Salt Lake City. The train goes all the way through the iconic Moffat Tunnel and hurries on through the Rockies, passing by some stunning canyon scenes along the way, as well as the Colorado River Valley. After that, it continues through the Utah desert and past more mountains as it arrives in SLC, which is yet another beautiful city to explore.

Amtrak Day Trip to Los Angeles

The Coast Starlight Amtrak connects the two big cities of Los Angeles and Seattle, and there are some very scenic sections of this particular journey to enjoy along the way, particularly around LA and Oakland. The train actually follows the same route as the Pacific Coast Highway for large parts, so you can see some incredible views out onto the ocean and spot all kinds of landmarks too.