November isn't really many people's favorite month of the year. It's one of the coldest and wettest months in a lot of places, and it's also a month that symbolizes that the end of fall isn't far away, with the harsh frosts and dark nights of winter drawing ever closer with each passing day. It's no surprise, then, that a lot of people choose to fly away in November on vacations to sunnier spots all over the world.


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When planning their fall and winter getaways, many people like to choose island locations as their vacation destinations. Islands in areas like the Caribbean or Polynesia offer wonderful weather all year long, with Bermuda, located in the Atlantic Ocean, being another great example. A British Overseas Territory, Bermuda is a beautiful island nation with a rich diversity of flora and fauna to be admired, some astonishing pink sand beaches to be enjoyed, a whole host of interesting attractions and landmarks to check out, and lots of friendly islanders who are just waiting to welcome you to their homeland and share their culture, cuisine, and lifestyle with you.

Bermuda also enjoys some amazing weather, having a tropical rainforest climate and some very high temperatures throughout the year, especially in the summer months of June, July, and August. Even outside of summer, the weather in Bermuda can be very sunny and warm, meaning that this is a great destination to choose at any time of year, with beach and water activities even enjoyable in November.

All-in-all, is November a good month to travel to Bermuda? The answer to that question is mostly a big 'yes', but it will depend on the sorts of activities you plan on doing. If you like to scuba dive and spend a lot of time working on your tan, for example, you might be better off visiting at a warmer time of year, but the weather in Bermuda is great for exploring the island, visiting locations like the Royal Naval Dockyard, and more. See below for key details and information on the weather conditions in Bermuda in November.

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2.Bermuda Temperatures in November

Bermuda Temperatures in November
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The temperatures in Bermuda in November are still relatively warm, despite the fact that the fall is ending and winter isn't too far away. Bermuda enjoys a great climate, with a lot of warmth and sunshine all year long, so even at traditionally cold times of year, the temperatures here are relatively high and comfortable, offering ideal conditions for plenty of outdoor activities and recreation.

The average daily temperature in Bermuda in November is 72 °F (22 °C). The typical day can range from average highs of 75 °F (24 °C) and drop down as far as 68 °F (20 °C), so even at their lowest point, the temperatures in November are still quite warm, meaning that it's perfectly possible to spend quality time on the beach and even in the ocean.

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3.Bermuda Rainfall in November

Bermuda Rainfall in November

In terms of rainfall in Bermuda in November, Bermuda generally experiences one of its drier months of the year. The conditions in Bermuda are still quite wet in November, but when compared to some of the more severely rainy months like June, July, and August, this is definitely one of the driest and statistically ranks as the second driest month overall.

The average amount of rainfall in Bermuda in November is just 110 mm. This is slightly lower than the subsequent month of December, which sees 120 mm of rain on average, and much lower than the previous month of October, which sees a whopping 200 mm of rainfall. In November, you can expect to experience an average of 18 rainy days over the course of the month.

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4.Bermuda Humidity and Sunshine in November

Bermuda Humidity and Sunshine in November
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When it comes to humidity in November in Bermuda, you can expect the days to start feeling a little less wet and sticky in general, with average humidity ratings averaging around 60-75% in general, which is still high but lower than the 80% ratings you can see on a typical summer day.

In regard to sunshine, the days do start getting shorter in Bermuda in November, so you'll start to see a little less sunshine overall. The statistics show around 5 hours of sunshine per day in November in Bermuda, with the sun rising relatively early at around 7 am but setting early too at around 5 pm.

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5.Visiting Bermuda in November

Visiting Bermuda in November
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Overall then, November is actually a great month in which to visit Bermuda. The fact that it's the second driest month of the year is a significant factor that pushes many people to book a vacation at this time of year, and the relatively warm temperatures and good humidity conditions lend themselves well to various outdoor activities.

Even the ocean temperatures remain pretty mild at this time of year, so you can swim and snorkel as you please, as well as enjoying other activities all around the area like golf, shopping, dining, and more. In terms of special events and ceremonies, there isn't too much to see in Bermuda in November, but the territory does have a special ceremony to honor Remembrance Day, and you can also catch a game at the World Rugby Classic sporting event too, so there are some unique ways to spend your time.

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Bermuda Weather in November - Places to Visit