At a time when services like Netflix and Amazon Prime are dominating the media market, offering millions of hours of movies and TV on demand anywhere you go, it's easier than ever for people to educate and entertain themselves at the click of a button. With music, video games, and other forms of media all seeing similar surges in popularity and convenience, it's never been simpler for people to simply sit back, relax, and enjoy themselves.

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The written word has also benefited from modern technology. Gone are the days where you had to lug around big heavy books everywhere you went; now, with the internet and digital storage technology, people can carry veritable libraries of books and audiobooks around in their pockets on their smartphones or tablet devices, and Audible, one of the key pioneers in this field, continues to lead the way and set the standard, offering low priced, monthly subscription models that give people access to several lifetimes' worth of education and entertainment in the form of audiobooks, radio shows, podcasts, and more.

Benefits of Audible for Travelers

For travelers, Audible is a gift from above. This service effectively makes it so much easier for you to voyage all around the world without being weighed down by real-world books, magazines, and more. With Audible, you can listen to a huge amount of audio content, including audio books, radio shows, and audio versions of magazines and newspaper articles.

Audible is fully supported on almost every mobile device you could possibly hope to use too, so it’s really easy and convenient to get started, allowing travelers to simply carry around their smartphones or tablets and have immediate access to a full library of audio content anywhere they go.

Travelers know only too well how difficult it can be to be preparing for a trip and having to decide which books they'd like to take along to read during the journey. Between airline weight limits and bag dimensions, it can be hard to pack even one book, let alone a dozen or more.

This is why services like Audible exist; they help to make reading more accessible in a modern world where people like to move around a lot and travel as often as they can. Books are wonderful, but they have limitations and physical constraints that can be difficult for travelers to handle, and this is why signing for an Audible account might be the best thing you do before your next trip.

Signing Up for Audible

The signing up process for Audible is really easy. In fact, you can have an account created in a matter of minutes. Most people already have Amazon accounts these days and Audible has been an Amazon company since the takeover back in 2008. This means that if you already have an Amazon account, it takes just a couple of clicks to open up an Audible one as well. Even if you don't have an Amazon account just yet, the process is very simple and straightforward.

From there, if you're a new user to Audible, you can benefit from a full free trial! This trial lasts for a full month and will allow you to take a full look at the benefits of the Audible service, as well as getting access to a single audiobook free of charge. The system makes use of credits. With the free trial, you'll be given a credit to get started. Most books cost just one credit, but some longer titles might cost two and shorter ones might not even cost a full credit.

Each month, you'll be given one or two additional credits to spend, but you aren't limited only to the use of credits. You can also simply purchase additional audio books and content whenever you wish, with all subscribers receiving a 30% discount on the regular cost. Subscribers will also gain access to special daily and monthly deals in which audiobooks and other forms of audio content are made available at reduced prices.

This is perfect for travelers, as you can simply load up the Audible app each day and see what's going on with the latest special offers and new releases. Whenever you actually purchase some content or use credits to claim an Audible title, it will be added to your library and remain there forever more, free to be downloaded and listened to whenever you like.

Hundreds of thousands of titles are available to you, so there's a real wealth of content just waiting to be enjoyed, including everything from Stephen Fry reading Harry Potter to Trevor Noah reading his autobiography and Dennis Holland reading The Science of Cheese. In short, Audible is a perfect option for travelers, allowing you to enjoy every step of your journey and admire the views as you travel while someone else reads a story in your ears. website