Few people like to see the warm summer months finally come to an end, but the arrival of fall does provide a whole lot of advantages. The changing colors of the leaves, the crisp morning air, and the harvests of many of our favorite fruits and vegetables. One of America’s favorite fall activities is undoubtedly apple picking, with the great state of New York always being one of the top locations to head out to a nearby orchard or farm and roam around the apple trees, filling up a bag with ripe, delicious fruit taken straight from the branches.

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If you’re looking to do some apple picking in New York, there are a lot of options open to you and Westchester County is one of the very best spots. Home to many novelists in the past, Westchester is a beautiful, scenic spot with a lot of different farms to enjoy and views to appreciate. Known for the Hudson River and a lot of famous historical sites, it’s a great place to visit in general and no trip to Westchester, NY can be complete without a little apple picking.

History of Apple Picking in New York

New York loves apple so much it even made them the official state fruit, and there are dozens of different varieties to enjoy and discover all around the state, from Red Delicious and Fuji to Empire, Gala, Braeburn, and many more. With approximately 700 different farms all around the state involved in apple production, you’re never too far from a super apple picking spot in New York, and people come to visit the state from all over the US to enjoy this great activity. Apples grown in New York are also sold on a commercial level all around the country and used in many great recipes and products like apple sauces and ciders.

Best Apple Picking Locations in Westchester, NY

With so many great apple picking farms and orchards around Westchester, NY, it can be quite difficult to choose between them. There’s no wrong choice, but here are some of the very best apple picking spots in the area:

1. Wilkens Fruit & Fir Farm - Yorktown Heights 1335 White Hill Road (914 245-5111)

With over a dozen varieties of apples to pick straight from the trees, Wilkens Fruit & Fir Farm is one of the best spots for people who are looking to pick a nice mixture of apples to be used in different recipes. Apple picking season at this farm usually starts on the first day of September and can run through to November. Bags and baskets are provided, as well as picking poles too, and a wagon ride is offered to take visitors over to the designated picking areas. As the days and weeks pass by, new varieties are available for picking, so it can be fun to revisit this farm multiple times to enjoy additional apple types.

2. Stuart’s Farm - Granite Springs 62 Granite Springs Road (914-245-2784)

A family-run farm that has been around since the early 19th century, Stuart's Farm started off with cattle but began to focus more on fruits and veggies over the years. Stretching over 200 stunning acres, Stuart's Farm allows visitors to pick up to nine different varieties of apples from early September through most of the fall. Hayrides and freshly-baked apple muffins and pies are also available for purchase, making Stuart's Farm a super way to spend a day.

3. Outhouse Orchards - North Salem 139 Hardscrabble Road (914-277-3188)

Another family-owned orchard; Outhouse Orchards provides apple, pear, and pumpkin picking in the latter months of the year. With friendly farm staff and beautiful scenery all around, Outhouse Orchards offers fun for all the family. Apple bags only cost $25 at this orchard, and there are six different varieties of apples to pick and enjoy. Outhouse Orchards also boasts a cool corn maze to wander around when you're finished gathering up all your apples.

4. Harvest Moon Farm & Orchard - North Salem 130 Hardscrabble Road (914-485-1210)

A beautiful apple orchard nestled in North Salem, Harvest Moon Farm & Orchard offers apple picking from early September onwards, as well as providing picking of various veggies and additional fruits. This farm and orchard also sells meats and additional products in its farm store and runs lots of fun events for tourists and residents throughout the year, including a Fall Festival.