If you’re one of those people who have no problems at all with getting up early in the morning, then consider yourself lucky. Even the most well-rested individuals sometimes have issues with getting up in time for work. What’s even worse is that many of us end up sleeping through multiple alarms that we honestly thought would be enough to get us up and about in the morning.

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Clearly, downloading some alarm app and installing it on your phone isn’t enough. You need an app that actually manages to get you out of bed at the time you’re supposed to, which, given most of our experiences, is going to require more than just some loud sound set to ring at a certain time.

Fortunately, many app developers are up for the challenge, and many have developed apps that have unique ways to guarantee that you get up. Some of these have found ways to prevent you from repeatedly hitting the snooze button or inadvertently turning the alarm off altogether. Others are designed to use puzzles, games, and other tricks to make sure that you are completely awake before the alarm turns off for the day.

Check out this list and you’ll definitely find one that will work for you.

Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers: Starting off with an app that’s aptly named, Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers is designed specifically for those who struggle the most when getting out of bed in the morning. This app uses a host of methods like math puzzles and challenges in order in order to get you up and about. Users also get to choose to wake up to a wide variety of sounds such as the weather forecast or a song of their choice.

The app’s ability to customize is nothing to scoff at as well. Each alarm can be set with its own audio track and volume and can even be activated only when in a specific location (so that it’s turned off when you’re on vacation). It even keeps track of public holidays, so you don’t have to get up for work.

Alarmy: This one’s good for people who like to use their phone’s camera. The app will sound an alarm that only stops ringing when you’ve taken a photo that’s just like the one you’ve pre-set. The chosen photo could be pretty much anything around the house (i.e. bathroom mirror, your computer, or even the coffee machine in the kitchen). By the time you’re done taking the photo, you’re probably awake already. But if you’re not into taking photos, you can still use the app for other challenges like calculating math equations, scanning a barcode, or even shaking the phone vigorously. Any one of these can definitely wake you up.

AlarmMon: This one is for those who love mobile games. AlarmMon’s approach to waking you up is to make you play all kinds of mini-games. It really helps that the games are really fun to play. You just need to make sure that you don’t end up playing the games too long or else you might end up being late for work anyway. The app also offers a wide selection of alarm sounds and some fun stickers to choose from. There’s additional content that you can purchase as well. Don’t worry, though, the core alarm function is completely free.

Good Morning Alarm Clock: What makes this one unique is that it doesn’t just function around the time you wake up. On top of waking you up at the right time, Good Morning Alarm Clock also helps you fall asleep with soothing sounds. You can even put your phone beside you in bed so that the app can track you sleeping habit and even log the quality of your sleep. The app also provides information on the right time you have to sleep in order to avoid sleep deficit. You can choose from a wide selection of built-in sounds or choose your own audio track to wake you up at the right time.

Snap Me Up: This one brings the whole “woke up like this” idea to a whole new level. The app will actually keep ringing until you hold your phone in front of your face and take a selfie. Don’t worry, the app doesn’t upload the photos online or anything. But it will save the selfie just in case you want to actually share it later. Perhaps the reason why this works is because you’d naturally want to be alert to be able to take a decent selfie. It’s not something that might work on everyone, but it’s a pretty good method to try.

Wake Alarm Clock: If you need something a bit simpler, Wake Alarm Clock offers an effective alarm clock app with a minimalist design. Users will immediately notice how nicely the app functions with swipes and drags. You can set as much as eight alarms, all of which can be made repeatable and with their own audio assigned. The ingenious part of the alarm is that you can’t turn any of it off normally – you’d have to vigorously shake your device to shut it off. If that doesn’t wake you up, nothing will.

Tip: If you want to increase your chances of waking up on time, maybe you should try to fix your sleep patterns. There are also apps that focus on helping you sleep at the right time so that you can wake up at the time you want. So, instead of indicating when you want to wake up, the app tells you when you should go to bed. Some of these apps even track the quality of your sleep. Apps like Sleep Cycle or Sleep Better are definitely worth looking into.

Try any of these apps and you’ll definitely have better mornings in the near future. And as you wake up early more often, you’ll not only have more productive days, you’ll feel much better as well.