We have so many different options to choose from when traveling. We can go to big cities, visiting the landmarks and monuments that define these places, we can head off to major shopping and dining destinations, we can go to the beach for relaxation and recreation, or we can jet off somewhere exotic for unique cultural exchanges and experiences we’ve never known before.

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If you’re looking for truly unbeatable vacation experiences, you have to look to Africa. The birthplace of all life on Earth and home to some of the most stunning scenery, breathtaking landscapes, unique cultures, and extraordinary diversity of flora and fauna, there’s nowhere quite like Africa, and it’s a place where people of all ages can feel inspired, amazed, and at peace. For the best African travel experiences, choose Aardvark Safaris.

Aardvark Safaris - Top African Travel

Founded back in 1999, Aardvark Safaris is a leading provider of luxury African safaris, as well as family safaris, honeymoons in Africa, photography trips, walking safaris, beach holidays, Mt Kilimanjaro climbs, and so much more. In short, if you’re looking for any kind of travel experience in Africa and want to get professional planning assistance every step of the way, Aardvark Safaris can make it happen.

- Custom Africa Safaris - Aardvark Safaris specializes in crafting customized travel experiences for you, your family, and your friends. Wherever you want to go and whatever you want to do, this company can make it happen. Planning a trip to Africa can be so overwhelming and challenging, but Aardvark makes it all easier. This company can get you into the best lodges and camps, provide you with amazing wildlife experiences like elephant encounters and wildebeest migration views you’ll never forget, let you meet up with native tribes, and so much more.

- Exceptional Variety - Africa is an enormous continent, home to many different countries and experiences, but no matter where you want to go or what kind of trip you’re planning, Aardvark Safaris can make it happen. This Africa travel company runs tours and safaris around multiple countries including Botswana, South Africa, Namibia, Madagascar, Kenya, Uganda, Zanzibar, and Ethiopia. Dedicated to offering a huge spectrum of experiences, Aardvark also offers many different safari types and experiences from family safaris to luxury safaris for couples on their honeymoon.

- Commitment to Quality - As one of the most experienced providers of African safaris and travel experiences, Aardvark Safaris has a ‘little black book’ with more contacts than almost any other company out there. Aardvark knows all the best lodges, guides, excursions, locations, beaches, parks, and more. They can arrange your trip down to the smallest detail and actually go out and visit the various locations themselves in order to guarantee the highest standards of quality for every traveler.

Examples of Aardvark Safaris Experiences

Aardvark Safaris excels at offering a huge range of safaris across many different African nations. Here are some further details on just a few of the experiences you can enjoy when traveling with this company:

- Family Safaris - Aardvark Safaris is one of the leading providers of family-friendly African safaris. Taking your children or grandchildren to Africa is one of the most incredible gifts you can give them and one of the best possible family trips imaginable. Seeing the look on a child's face as they witness the raw beauty, power, and majesty of Africa's landscapes and animals is simply incredible, and the family safaris offered by Aardvark Safaris can include all kinds of wildlife experiences, sightseeing tours, and activities like meeting native tribes, making their own bows and arrows, and getting up close and personal with the likes of elephants and giraffes.

- Luxury Safaris - When many people think of safaris in Africa, they don't really associate this kind of trip with the concept of 'luxury'. In reality, however, booking a luxury safari is perfectly possible with Aardvark Safaris, and these experiences are ideal for families, friends, couples, groups, and solo travelers. On a luxury safari with Aardvark, you'll be treated to world class gourmet meals, the finest private guides to take you around, truly 5-star accommodation, exclusive access to private properties and even tropical islands. Aardvark Safaris’ expert team will craft and curate each aspect of your luxury experience with total comfort in mind, right down to the finest and most exquisite details.

- Wedding and Honeymoon Safaris - Whether you want to celebrate your actual wedding on a safari or head off to Africa on honeymoon, Aardvark Safaris can make it happen. Getting married is one of the most important events in anyone's life, and it deserves to be honored and celebrated in the right ways. Whether you're traveling as a couple or with your guests, Aardvark Safaris can help you find the perfect lodging, the most romantic adventures, the best experiences, and more in order to make truly magical memories that you and your partner can look back on for years to come. website