Caution: this awesome app will get you hooked on fashion. Stylebook is a cutting edge app that lets you create a catalog of your clothes and create the perfect outfits for your trip. Many vacationers find packing for their trip stressful. You don't want to wake up on your dream vacation without having the right thing to wear to the pool, on a scenic hiking trip and to a romantic dinner under the stars in the evening. Stylebook can eliminate the stress of packing because it will help you visualize the perfect outfits for each activity.

Start by photographing the items in your closet and add each item to the app. Edit the images (there is a cool "remove background" feature) and create "Looks" using the items in the wardrobe. Need advice from your girlfriends? Share the outfits you design on Facebook, Twitter or via email. Mix and match your clothing to create fresh looks for every occasion on your vacation and start adding them to the Packing List. Once you are done creating your Packing List, simply open your closet door and neatly fold the clothing into your suitcase. The app lets you name your packing lists so that you can reuse them each time you are going on a similar trip.

Once you return from your trip, use the app to organize your work outfits and track what you wear each day as well as what you wear most often. The app can help you save money while shopping because while you may not remember each item in your closet, the app will. It will let you focus on picking the best fashionable accessories that perfectly match your existing wardrobe and focus on investing in items that you don't yet own. Stylebook costs $3.99 and is available for both iPhone and iPad.

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