Old Trail Town in Wyoming is literally a blast from the past. Guests will be amazed at the history of the town and be entertained by all of the interesting facts, artifacts, and buildings there. Considered a “living museum,” Old Trail Town has been named One of the Top Family Attractions Worth Traveling For and has been delighting and entertaining visitors since Bob Edgar (a local archaeologist) opened it as a tourist attraction and historic site in 1967.


The buildings in the town date from 1879 to 1901, and many of them have been chosen and “sourced” from Cody, Wyoming (which Buffalo Bill himself established in 1895). There are also multiple horse drawn vehicles and a large collection of historic artifacts. Scenes from the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid were also filmed on site.

Permanent Attractions and Exhibits

Part of the allure of Old Trail Town is the ability for visitors to wander around the town at their own pace, discovering and experiencing things with their own time frame.

Historic Buildings - The town has many restored and transplanted buildings from historic towns all across Wyoming and Montana. Make sure to see them all for the full experience! Below is just a sampling.

General Store - The entrance to the town also serves as the town’s general store. It is also one of the cabins that has been able to be salvaged from Marquette (the town that once stood at the current location of Buffalo Bill reservoir.

Curley’s Cabin - This cabin was Curley’s home from the years 1885 to 1923. He was one of the very few Crow scouts that were able to survive the Battle of Little Big Horn in 1876.

Monument Hill - This cabin was built on Monument Hill (north of the town of Cody) by homesteaders in the 1900s.

Coffin School - Not as grim as it sounds, the Coffin School was built at the W Bar Ranch (located on Wood River) in 1884 and its name comes from honoring Alfred Nower, who died tragically of gangrene after an accident on the site.

Post Office - The post office was actually one of the very first settlements located in Bonanza at the Big Horn Basin. It was built in 1885.

Mud Spring - Once used by the Sundance Kid himself (along with Kid Curry) as a hideout prior to their attempted hold up of the Red Lodge Bank in Montana.

Saloon - Built on the Wood River, and frequented by gold miners, cowboys, outlaws and other interesting Old West characters, the River’s Saloon was built in 1888 and still has bullet holes in the door. It is currently the oldest saloon that remains in Wyoming.

Memorial to “Mountain Man” - Paying homage to some well known mountain men from the region (George Drouillard, Jedediah Smith, John Colter, and Jim Bridger), the memorial features busts and more information about who they were and what their contribution to the area was.

Gravesites - See the graves of a few well known figures both in local and in national history! Pay respects to Jeremiah Johnston (also known as “Liver Eatin’” Johnston), Jim White (“Buffalo Hunter” White), Jack Stilwell (“Frontiersman” Stilwell), Phillip Vetter, and Belle Drewry.

Special Events

The town has a variety of special events offered throughout the year during their open season (which normally runs from mid May through the end of September). The majority of these events focus on a specific character that has history related to Old Trail. They also recently celebrated their 50th anniversary with a special tribute to Liver Eatin’ Johnston, food service, and music. There are also a variety of concerts held on the grounds. Make sure to check their Facebook page for additional information, as they keep a frequent updated page with not only events but also information about the town’s history.. There are also seasonal events like the annual Christmas Open House. Guests should also keep an eye out for speciality guided historic tours, and groups of ten or more may be eligible for group discounts. Contact the town staff through either email or by phone for additional information and to book a tour.


Visit the gift shop on the way home to take home a souvenir of the visit to Old Trail. They have a wild variety of options like shot glasses, prints of some of the buildings, tin cups, t-shirts, reward posters, and more. It’s a great way to remember a trip to the historic town.

Old Trail Town, 1831 Demaris Drive, PO Box 546, Cody, WY, 82414, website, Phone: 307-587-5302

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