Located in Cheyenne, Wyoming, the Old West Museum is one of the best cultural attractions that runs all year, in this region of the state. Visitors to the Museum will get to participate in various activities that enrich their knowledge of the Western Frontier.


The Frontier Days Old West Museum was established in 1978 in Cheyenne as a non-profit institution with a mission to preserve and cultivate Cheyenne’s Frontier Days Western legacy. As on of the region’s best cultural attractions that runs all year long, it puts on a variety of exhibitions, events, and activities. These include history and origins of Cheyenne Frontier Days, the Hall of Fame, one of the biggest carriage collections in the country, educational and cultural programs, the research center in the Museum, folk art shows and Western art, visiting exhibitions, artifact and historic clothing collections, the yearly Gala fundraiser, and special events meant for members of the museum only.

The Old West Museum counts on corporate and individual funding for all of it’s services and programs, as well as for the maintenance of the Museum’s permanent collections. The support of private parties is important to the mission of the museum. The Museum’s mission is to obtain, preserve, and interpret the art and material cultural remains of the Old West. The support of private donors is also essential to providing the cultural, educational, and children’s programs of the Museum.


The Old West Museum offers a variety of attractions and exhibitions.

Collections- The collection of the Museum includes several different types of art. It includes paintings, sculptures, tapestries, and other art forms.

Historic Carriages- The Museum is home to one of the country’s historic carriage exhibits.

· Four Wheeled Dog Cart 1895- This carriage is manufactured by the Wood Brothers Company of New York, in New York. The carriage’s original owners were Fred and Margaret Boice. They lived on the PO Ranch on the outskirts of Cheyenne.

· Overland Stagecoach 1860- It is to be believed that Abbot-Downing built the stagecoach that was consistently used on the Overland Trail. (The Overland Trail, at the time, was another way to travel along the Oregon Trail) This carriage was capable of carrying nine passengers plus other passengers could hold onto the roof. It could also haul eight hundred pounds of mail and express.

· Oil Wagon Circa 1915- The body of this carriage came from Fort Collins, Colorado. It is much like the one that was used at the WE Dinneen Garage and Filling Station, located in Cheyenne in 1906.

· Mountain Wagon 1915­- The carriage was constructed by Studebaker Brothers Manufacturers from South Bend, IN. FA Roedel Hardware was the local seller for Studebaker Wagons in Cheyenne. Though it’s a mystery as to who used the wagon part of the chuckwagon, the chuckbox had shelves and was mounted to the back of the wagon, and was used by the Chalk Bluffs Ranch just outside of Cheyenne.

· Popcorn Wagon 1910- Manufactured by C. Cretors and Company from Chicago, was bought from its owner by Bert Millyard of Cheyenne in 1911.

· Western Passenger Wagon 1865- It is also believed that this stagecoach was constructed in New Hampshire with the help of Abbot-Downing. Until 1887, the Cheyenne Black Hills Stage Line produced it, but then was repurposed to have a part in a show about the wild west by C.B. Irwin soon after.

· Milk Wagon 1929- Built by John Guedehofer Wagon Company in Indianapolis, IN, this milk wagon is like a the one used in Cheyenne at the Plains Dairy. The body of the milk wagon came from Waverly in Iowa. It was refurbished and painted to resemble a milk wagon from the turn-of-the-century.

Educational Opportunities

The Old West Museum offers educational programming for children.

The Children’s Interactive Gallery- Hands on activities can be found in this gallery to help children of all ages learn about life in the Old West through art.

Children’s Programming- The Old West Museum offers several programs and camps for children to learn and experience the heritage of the Old West.

Special Events

The Old West Museum offers several special events throughout the year.

Western Art Show- The art show commemorates the heritage, Western lifestyle, and scenery of the Old West. Categories in the art show include items for auction, David Mensing, Gary Huber, Julie Bender, Rock Newcomb, Limited Edition Prints, Cheyenne Frontier, Ann Hanson, and Bob Coronato.

Western Spirit Art Show- This art show showcases more than one hundred western artists from all over the nation. Categories in this art show include Acrylic Painting, Mixed Media, Oil Painting, Pastels, Drawing, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture, and Water Colors.

4610 Carey Ave, Cheyenne, WY 82001, Phone: 307-778-7290

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