Trail End is located in Sheridan, Wyoming. This historic site offers visitors a new perspective and aspect on Wyoming’s colorful and rich history. Trail End contains authentically furnished rooms and meticulously manicured lawns. It offers visitors a take on the more elegant aspects of Wyoming’s history. The mansion was constructed in the Flemish Revival Style and encompasses 13,748 square feet.


It provides visitors with a peek into life during the era between 1913 and 1933. It is mostly seen through the perspective of John B Kendrick Family.

During the period between 1913 and 1933, the world was going through radical changes in society and technology. The Kendrick Family took part in most of the pivotal events of the periods of World War I, the Jazz Age, and the Great Depression, and utilized most of the new technologies including elevators, vacuum cleaners, airplanes, and automobiles.

The exhibits found throughout the mansion are original artifacts form the family and the house and provide visitors with information about the daily life, interior design, entertainment, shifting technology, and ranching in the early twentieth century on the Northern Plains.

Things to Do and Exhibits

Trail end offers a variety of permanent, temporary, and whole-house exhibits to visitors.

Permanent Exhibits- Though the original furnishings that were in the house were removed, most have been returned by Kendrick family members and residents of Sheridan. The furniture has been put back into its proper context in the historic room. The furnishing gives visitors a glimpse of what the rooms were used for, what the people that lived and worked at the m-mansion were like, and what objects they were allowed to use. The furnishings have been given interpretative labels and signs that talk about the technology that was installed throughout the house during its building.

Temporary Exhibits- On rare occasions, Trail end with display temporary exhibits in small areas such as closets.

Whole-House Exhibits- These temporary exhibits focus on the local community and how global events have impacted the daily lives of Americans in small towns.

Things to Do

Trail end offers several options to entertain the whole family.

Tours- Trail End offers several options for touring the property. Self-guided tours are the most common. Guided group tours are available and must be scheduled ahead of time. Trail end also offers two types of audio tours: one specifically for adults and the other written and then recorded specifically for children ages seven and up.

Carriage House Theatre- The Civic Theatre Guild includes four shows a season, usually offered in the fall, near Christmas, early spring, and mid spring. On occasion the Guild will schedule a summer show.

Trail End Grounds- The grounds of Trail End are open to the public for picnics and exploring at no charge. The grounds are home to several different trees, bushes, saplings, shrubs, and vines for those interested in plant life.

Wildlife and Butterflies- Trail End boasts a large variety of wildlife for visitors to see when visiting the grounds. Black bears and snakes are very rare but can be seen on occasion. Deer, chipmunks, squirrels, and rabbits can be viewed daily. Visitors are asked not to feed the squirrels. Butterflies of all colors and varieties have made Trail End their home. Visitors will enjoy watching them flutter around the grounds.

Birding at Trail End- Birdwatching is a favorite activity at Trail End. With the wide variety of trees, all manner of birds are attracted to the grounds.

Haunted by History- Rumors abound that Trail End is haunted. Some of the rumors include claims that surveillance cameras pick up images of ghosts in the rooms, falling books, whining dogs, lights turning off and on, cold spots, violent death, and empty chairs rocking. While many of these rumors are unfounded, visitors will enjoy trying to catch a glimpse of spirits.

Educational Opportunities

Trail End offers several educational opportunities and programs for those wishing to learn more.

TechnoPast- Combining technology with history, this program creates a tasty treat for students in grades six through twelve.

Junior Curators- This program is part of Kids eXtreme and allows students to go into the collections and touch the artifacts

Trail End Trackers- This program is sponsored by Science Kids and gets students out of the classroom and out to the grounds to examine nature.

Home is Where the History Is- This is program based in the classroom and inspires students to explore their neighborhoods and lives.

School Tours- Tours can be scheduled for children in all grades as a field trip.

Research Collection- Trail End allows historians, genealogists, biographers, and antiquarians access to its extensive research collection.

400 Clarendon Avenue, Sheridan, WY 82801, Phone: 307-674-4589

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