The Isle of Skye is enormous with activities, sightseeing, and fun for every preference and age range. Visiting this spectacular area provides guests with a huge amount of choices that could take days to get through. The Isle of Skye, an area of Scotland that is home to just over 10,000 residents, is located off the northwestern coast and is accessible only by bridge.

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The name, translated from Norse, means “cloud island” and is a reference to how the Vikings referred to Cuillin Hills which are often shrouded in mist. The isle is roughly 50 miles long.

Permanent Attractions

Boat Trips - One of the more popular attractions at the Isle, due especially to its geographic location, is taking a boat tour. There are an incredible variety of several types of boat tours and trips, from more classic trips to whale spotting and tours allowing visitors to look below the surface of the water. Wildlife sightings are almost guaranteed. Choose from one of the ten different tour operators to find a tour catered to the type of tour desired.

Dark Skye - Some of the fullest dark skies in the world are said to be in Scotland and there are nine different official discovery sites located in Skye for visitors to go to experience the full dark and see stars and constellations in a way that they have probably never experienced before! For guests who time their visits properly, they may be able to catch the northern lights (also known as aurora borealis).

Outdoor activities - There are an almost unlimited amount of different outdoor activities for guests visiting Skye to do, and they are often cited as being the reason that many guests come to Skye in the first place! Many visitors choose to hike their way through the isle, trying their hand at one of the many mountain challenges (those looking for the most challenge should check out the 5 Sisters of Kintail or Cuillin Ridge). There are also other marine adventures like kayaking, diving, and sailing. The more adventurous guests can even try jumping off one of the cliffs into the water below! Guests can also check out the biking trails, try their hand at archery, spend the day fishing, or just lounge on one of the many beaches!

Dinosaur Isle - For archaeology minded visitors, the Isle of Skye is often also referred to as being Dinosaur Isle. In fact, the isle is one of only a very small handful of sites in the entire world where archaeologists have found dinosaurs from the Middle Jurassic period. Dinosaurs who have broken records have been unearthed on the grounds!

Wildlife - Wildlife lovers often frequent Skye because it is so common to see various creatures running about. Take a hike and try to spot one of the many red deer/stags that have been spotted around the Glens. A guest favorite remains the Eurasian otter, as they are fun and playful to watch (the best time of the day for otter spotting are when the tide starts to rise). There are also brown hares, red foxes, stoats, and weasels for the eagle-eyed visitors.

Special Events

The Isle is well known for its many special events and festivals, which happen nearly every month of the year! Check out the Arctic Festival for poetry and music, or one of the more traditional Scottish events like the Pipe Band Festival, the Hill Race, or the biggest event held at Skye, Games Day. Check the frequently updated website for additional information.

There are also many areas around Skye that guests can rent if they wish to hold a wedding at the Isle, as the beauty and scenery located there makes for a memorable and romantic backdrop for any special day. Getting married at a castle, or on a boat, or just out in the middle of the wildlife. Contact the website for additional information about booking, cost, and any restrictions to renting the area. It will be a special day that guests will not forget for as long as they live.

Dining and Shopping’

There are so many food choices that guests would need to spend multiple days just to even taste them all! From world class restaurants, to award winning chefs, to breweries and distilleries, visitors can sample all types of cuisine for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert!

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