Many people visit Glencoe, Scotland looking for famous scenery, as the area has been featured in many hit films like Harry Potter and Braveheart. However, there is so much more to the area and guests can spend many days adventuring, hiking, and just relaxing while enjoying the gorgeous terrain.

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The history of Glencoe can be traced all the way back to 1692. Located in the Highlands of Scotland, it is often said to be one of the most spectacular and gorgeous places in the entire country and has been named a “National Scenic Area.” It was named after the river that cuts through the glen, known as Coe, and was created by an ice glacier as well as being what is called a subsidence caldera (as the result of an ancient supervolcano located where the site is now).

Permanent Attractions and Exhibits

Personal Tours - For guests who are interested in personal tours of Glencoe, there are full day tours hosted by ASB Executive that visit any area located in the Highlands. Run in an Audi Quattro (larger groups will be hosted in a Volkswagon Transporter), the tours are catered to the wishes of the group and will plan an itinerary around the areas that the guests would like to visit. Inquiries can be made, and tours can be booked on the website or by calling them directly.

Golf - Visitors who enjoy playing golf should make sure to play a round at Dragon’s Tooth. This nine-hole golf course has been rated as the number 1 nine-hole golf course in the entire country of Scotland! Open at dawn and closing at dusk, there are no reservations necessary to play and a flat rate for playing as much golf as guests would like (with a discounted fee for juniors and seniors).

Adventure Activities - Glencoe offers a huge range of different adventure activities. In the warmer months, guests may want to go tubing or take a fast boat ride at the resort. There are also vertical descents to attempt, clay pigeon shooting, and segway tours. In the cooler months, guests can try their hands at snow sports like ice climbing, skiing, sledging, and snowboarding. Lessons are available!

Hiking - With all the scenery, many guests elect to spend their days hiking the various trails at Glencoe. The website holds a large amount of information about the more popular walks/hiking trails located on the grounds. Some of the favorites of guests are the Orbital Track, Saint John’s Forest Walk, Ben Nevis, Devil’s Staircase, and Kinlochleven.

Biking - There are also many biking trails at Glencoe, varying in difficulty to allow everyone from families to very experienced bike riders to enjoy. Bikes can also be rented there for guests who don’t want to bring theirs with them or don’t have a bike to bring but want to try it out.

Geocaching - One of the family favorite activities is geocaching, done with use of a GPS receiver used to locate hidden containers across the globe. There are at least four different geocaches located at Glencoe!

Special Events

Glencoe plays hosts to a variety of special events throughout the year. Most popular among them are the sporting events, as this is a popular destination for many different sports. Recently, the Enduro Invitational was held there (a race for biking enthusiasts). Due to the difficult terrain and challenging bike paths, Glencoe makes for an exciting viewing experience for these types of events, so they are a don’t miss while visiting the area. Check the website for a complete schedule.

Another favorite annual event is the Rope Climb, hosted in December. Participants are invited to watch the challenger attempt to climb the height of the Three Beaks (3408 meters) as a continuous ascent of 20 feet rope. It’s always fun to come and cheer them on!

There are also many musical guests that play at various venues around Glencoe, featuring a variety of genres. Check the website or their active Facebook page for dates and times, as well as cover fees.

Shopping and Dining

There are a few shopping opportunities available during a visit to Glencoe. Visit Ice Factor for gifts and souvenirs related to adventure activities, or the National Trust shop for scarves (made from either wool, silk, or cashmere), books, and travel guides. For visitors who get hungry, there is the Lochleven Deli and The Cabin, offering different options for dining like seafood or more “home cooked” meals.

Glencoe, Argyll, Scotland, PH49 4HX, Phone: +44-0-18-55-81-12-52

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