With its Fulldome Digital Shows the Mueller Planetarium in Nebraska has entered a new era. Visitors to the planetarium can now experience high-tech, immersive adventures within the truly three hundred and sixty degree virtual environment of the Mueller Planetarium’s domed theater that seats sixty guests. The Fulldome Experience at the planetarium is the facility’s most significant advance in the capabilities of the planetarium since the opening of the theater nearly fifty years ago.

Audiences of the Fulldome Digital Shows will take a virtual journey through the universe as they fall into a black hole, watch the universe unfold at its beginnings, go swimming with whales, and fly through the rings of Saturn among so much more. Visitors will feel as if they are a part of some scene in the process of unfolding, whether its far away in a distant section of the wide galaxy or at the bottom of the ocean. The far reaches of the universe can be explored by guests under the thirty-four foot theater of the Mueller Planetarium. The Planetarium provides shows covering various topics in space science and astronomy.

The Mueller Planetarium, the first planetarium to open in the state of Nebraska, was opened to the public in 1958. This was at the same time that the Space Race was just beginning. The planetarium was built a result of a very generous monetary gift from a University of Nebraska graduate, Ralph Mueller, resulting in the planetarium being named after him. Mueller had become a successful business man in the field of electronics, responsible for the invention of the alligator clip. Mueller decided that he wanted to give something back to the University of Nebraska, and donated the funds necessary to build the planetarium. His donation also built the Carillon Bell Tower on the campus.

The Mueller Planetarium is a pioneering facility in unique visual and audio productions. Not only was the Mueller Planetarium the first planetarium in Nebraska, it was the first planetarium to bring a laser light show to the state as well in 1977. The tradition of these laser light shows has gone on to continue at the planetarium for many decades. In 2007, the Mueller Planetarium also became the state of Nebraska’s first facility to utilize fulldome technology. With fulldome technology, audiences will feel as if they are actually a part of the planetarium’s show. The technology provides an experience similar to virtual reality or 3D, but without the need for special glasses.

Under its dome that spans thirty feet across, the Mueller Planetarium can seat sixty people in its theater. The planetarium today uses a special, customized fisheye lens projector to offer fulldome immersive shows to its visitors. Several of the shows cover topics in the science of space and astronomy, as well as more tradition tours of the night sky that are presented live. Whether guests are discovering the ancient past of the Earth, jumping into the center of the Sun, or simply having a fun experience under the theater’s dome, the planetarium offers something for everyone.

210 Morrill Hall, Lincoln, Nebraska, Phone: 402-472-2641

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