Rushmore Cave, along with Rush Mountain Adventure Park, provides hours of family fun and adventure through four different thrilling attractions, all in one spot. In addition to scenic cave tours through the stalactite-filled caverns of Rushmore Cave, guests can also experience the mountain aboard the Rushmore Mountain Coaster. For more thrills, visitors can fly through the sky on the Soaring Eagle Zipline Ride, or test their shooting skills at the Gunslinger 7-D Interactive Ride. There's fun to be had for the entire family on all levels.

Both cave tours and cave spelunking in Rushmore Cave are offered at the park. Rushmore Cave is home to the famous BIG room, and is the closest cave to Mount Rushmore. The one-hour Scenic Cave Tour is a guided walking tour that leads visitors through a series of winding passages and room, ending with the BIG room. This stunning, massive cavern is one of the largest cavern rooms people will see on any cave tour in the area.

The BIG room features a remarkable number of stalactites dropping down from the cavern ceiling and walls. In this expansive room, as well as others in Rushmore Cave, there are large flowstones, stalagmites, and mighty columns, along with stunning displays of helictites, ribbons, and draperies. Visitors are able to explore the cave from May until October.

Tours of Rushmore Cave are designed towards families and provide a particular focus on revealing the cave's secrets in a way that is fun, interesting, and informative. The tour's pace, route, and content can be modified to better meet the needs of guests. Many guests that may have special needs are able to successfully tour Rushmore Cave. There is a written version of the cave tour for visitors who are hearing impaired. With the help of a family member or close friend, visually impaired guests can also enjoy the tour.

The educational and fun guided underground cave tour exposes visitors to the amazing and stunning carvings Rushmore Cave that have been carved over time by nature. The tour explores subterranean passages that guide guests to fascinating rooms filled with stalactites, as well as other natural limestone formations. A knowledgeable guide leads each of the one-hour cave tours, guiding visitors on a journey through cave geology, local history, and several untold stories revealing more about the hidden world beneath the ground. For anyone visiting the area of Black Hills, Rushmore Cave is a "must-see" attraction.

The scenic cave walking tour is ideal for visitors of all ages. During the one-hour guided tour, some stooping may be required for areas of Rushmore Cave with low ceilings. The ability to climb several stairs, as well as inclines, is also needed to explore the cave during the entirety of the tour. No reservations are needed to tour the cave, so visitors are welcome to come at their convenience. Guided cave tours regularly depart from the visitor center during the summer. During the fall and springs, visitors are advised to call for the current schedule for guided tours.

13622 Highway 40, Keystone, South Dakota, Phone: 605-255-4384

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