Formed in 2013, Savour Toronto is an award-winning food and tour company based out of Toronto. They offer specialty food and tour packages that enable people to really experience the city while also learning about local culture and cuisine. The goal of Savour Toronto is to provide individuals with amazing culinary and dining experiences while working with some of the best restaurants and eateries to achieve this.

Public Tours

Savour Toronto offers several public tour options that allow people to have various foodie experiences while exploring Toronto. The available public tours are as follows:

· Old Chinatown - Experience the rich culture and food of Old Chinatown. The tour is 3.5 hours of exploring the influence of Chinese culture and customs in Toronto. Participants will enjoy sampling a variety of foods from dim sum to pastries.

· Best of the West - This is a 3.5-hour tour that takes participants through a variety of restaurants, eateries, pubs, and shops in the Dundas West and Ossington area. The tour includes a history lesson about the once underdeveloped area’s recent transformation into the hip enclave that it is today.

· Le Tour de Café - This 3.5-hour tour is perfect for those who love sweets and coffee. This tour explores the areas of Corktown and Riverside, which are developing a reputation for their sweet shops and quality independent coffee shops.

· Feast on St. Clair - This tour explores the various offerings of the restaurants, specialty shops, and farmers markets of Midtown Toronto. In 3.5 hours, participants will learn about the history of this area while sampling various foods from the St. Clair West neighborhood.

· Kensington Krawl - This is one of the original food tours. This is an all-around 3.5-hour favorite as participants get to explore the mainstay that is Kensington Market. Participants will learn about the history of this market, the influence of immigrants on the growth and development of the market, as well as sample some of the products offered by vendors.

Private Tours

Savour Toronto offers private tours for various types of events. Birthdays, anniversaries, holiday parties, family and/or social gatherings, and bachelor/bachelorette parties can also be hosted by Savour Tours. Interested parties can choose between the five following packages:

· Old Chinatown

· Best of the West

· Le Tour de Café

· Feast on St. Clair

· Kensington Krawl

There is also the option to create a specially tailored tour experience based on personal preferences. These tours do come with the ability to include add-ons.

When considering a private tour with Savour Toronto, please consider the following:

· Special dietary accommodations/restrictions

· Preferences in foods consumed (this will affect which tour is best to book)

· Date and time of the private tour request

· Whether the tour itinerary is a daytime or evening event

For more information on planning a private tour for a special event, contact Savour Toronto at 1-855-472-8687 (4SAVOUR) or via the online contact form.

Gift Certificates

Savour Toronto offers several gift certificates in the amounts of the cost of their tours. There is also the option of purchasing a gift voucher in any denomination of one’s choosing. Gift certificates are sent electronically, and they are redeemable within 12 months.


Savour Toronto, Downtown Core, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, website, Phone: 855-472-8687