Featured in popular TV shows like the Food Network, TLC, and more, Well Done Cooking class has come a long way from two people offering private cooking classes in their own two-bedroom apartment. Today, it is one of Houston’s top cooking class offering both public and private classes to all kinds of people.

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One of the things that make Well Done Cooking Classes unique is the fact that it starts its classes with students heading to the local farmer’s market to gather ingredients, making the experience more comprehensive.

Class Schedule

Well Done Cooking Classes is open six days per week (closed on Sundays), but offers varied schedules depending on the class offered. The classes, however, take place between the early afternoon to late in the evening, with some classes scheduled at 10:00 PM.

The best way to check the actual schedule, however, is to go online. Well Done Cooking classes posts its monthly class schedules on its own website. This includes the description, date, time, place, designated instructor, price, and number of seats available for the given class.

Classes Offered

Well Done Cooking Classes offers two main types of classes, namely public and private ones. Public cooking classes are classified into social or date night classes and the fundamental cooking classes.

The Social or Date Night Classes are further classified into Three Course Dinner, Dinner Party, and Specialty Classes. They are more social in nature and allow participants to get to know their dates and cooking partners as they prepare good food.

The fundamental classes are a little bit more serious, although they’re still quite fun. Here, participants learn the art of cooking and baking. Once done, they are awarded Certificates of completion, which can be used to show that the participant has more or less a solid understanding of basic culinary arts.

Finally, private classes can be help for up to 40 people per session.


Social/Date Night Classes - Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays

Certification Classes - Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays

The facilities are also available for meetings for those who wish to gather prior to the scheduled cooking classes. Guests are offered coffee and pastries or iced tea and snacks depending on the whether the meeting is held in the morning or afternoon, respectively.

Those who plan on taking classes regularly will be interested in the Cooking Club Membership. Members are offered a 25% discount to one class per month, which can be shared with a friend.

Gifts and Merchandise

Well Done Cooking Class can also be a novel gift idea. People can buy a variety of eGift Certificates that give the recipient free access to a specific class. Those who wish to purchase prime cooking materials can also do so through the official Amazon Kitchen Store.

For more information about their classes and their respective schedules, contact Well Done Cooking Classes via 832-782-3518 or their website.


Well Done Cooking Classes, 2811 Airline Drive, Suite 5, Houston, TX 77009, Phone: 832-782-3518

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