The expansive and majestic Beaumont Botanical Gardens, located in Texas, is a great stopping point for visitors who are interested in seeing this unique, green attraction. It is easy to spend the whole day taking in all the sight and smells of this nearly 25 acres garden experience.

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Although not officially dedicated until 1997, the botanical gardens was dreamed up by a group of local avid gardeners in the 1950s. The beginning of what is now the Beaumont Botanical Gardens was donated by the city in 1968 (10 of the 24.5 acres it now currently encompasses). The Conservatory was also dedicated and given its name in 1997, followed by the addition of the remainder of the acres in 1999. After the grounds were hit by Hurricane Rita in 2005, many passionate volunteers came together to repair the many damaged areas. The gardens plan to continue to grow as the years continue.

Permanent Attractions

The attractions that make up the botanic gardens are comprised of two different areas: the Outside Gardens and the Conservatory. Entrance to both is always offered free of charge! Donations, however, are always welcome and help maintain the grounds.

- Outside Gardens: The gardens, located outside, is open the same hours as the park (from dawn to dusk every day of the week). The garden encompasses a huge 24 acres at the entrance of the even larger 500 acres that make up the park. Guests who visit should take the walk along Friendship Walk, a paved trail that leads them past the best views the gardens have to offer and is perfect for families with strollers or guests in wheelchairs. The gardens also offer a few different themed gardens (check out the Steam Bed Garden, Japanese Garden, and the Camellia Garden). There are also benches located along the path for guests to rest, as it can be a fairly long walk (especially on hotter days). Below are a few of the don’t miss highlights from the gardens.

- Vi’s Fountain

- Horticultural Center

- Fountain Plaza

- Memorial Garden

- Conservatory (Warren Loose): The Conservatory is open to the general public every day except for Wednesday. The Conservatory is always closed on Wednesdays as well as major holidays and may also close or partially close for special events. The Conservatory is over 10,000 square feet, making it one of the biggest public garden conservatories in the state of Texas. It features tropical plants and rain forests, as well as some from more arid regions. Below are a few highlights.

- Water lily pond: Also home to various fancy goldfish

- Dinosaurs: A brontosaurus and a pterodactyl guard ancient plants and petrified wood

- Friendly tikis

- Edible fruit

- Poisonous fruit

Another interesting fact about the botanic gardens is that they were planned in a migratory bird path (also called a flyway) and are even listed on a map of coastal bird trails in Texas. Make sure to look up during a visit to try to catch one of their flights!

Special Events

The botanic garden is home to a wealth of exciting special events hosted on their enormous grounds. They host regular events, like club meetings that are open to the public and occur a few times a month (with everything from a camera club to different plant societies like orchid and thyme). They also offer various meet and greets with people important to the botanic gardens. Offered less frequently are special events and seminars related to the gardens, like the wine and weed event and the various plant sales (seedlings, vegetables, etc). The website hosts a complete and up to date calendar including where in the gardens each event is located, what time, and if there are any additional fees associated with it. Visitors can also contact the staff ahead of time via their email or by phone to request any additional information or to rent space out themselves. Events can change, so make sure to verify the day of the event to make sure it is still going on as originally scheduled.

Dining and Shopping

While there are no dining options at the gardens, guests can bring a picnic lunch if they are responsible about picking up after themselves. Grab a blanket and a cooler and have a seat on the grounds to enjoy a classic lunch outdoors among the beauty of the garden. There are no gift shop options available, but the garden will always accept donations to help support the care and maintenance of the garden.

Beaumont Botanic Gardens, 6088 Babe Zaharias Drive, Tyyrrell Park, Beaumont, TX 77705, Phone: 409-842-3135

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